Sandy Chin Provides Business Advice to Young Business Owners

Sandy Chin is a successful financial planner who lives in New York City. During her career, she has helped thousands of clients reach their financial goals. She recently offered business advice to young entrepreneurs in her area.



One of the most common issues that business owners have is raising capital. Few banks are willing to lend money to new business owners at a reasonable interest rate. Instead, entrepreneurs are forced to sell equity in their company for capital.


To make things worse, many young business owners borrow way too much money at first. High debt levels can cause numerous financial issues in the future. Some people end up closing their business and still have thousands of dollars in debt. Sandy recommends that new business owners limit the amount of money they borrow.


Financial Planning

Financial planning is a critical aspect of business success. Some people never create a financial plan for their company. Working with a financial planner is a proven way to get quality financial advice. All business owners should have a detailed plan for the coming years. Tight expense control is vital when starting a company.



Another issue for business owners is getting burned out. Some people work way too many hours each week trying to get a company started. As a result, their health begins to deteriorate. When Sandy founded her financial planning business, she eventually developed health problems due to her hectic schedule. She now spends adequate time each week relaxing and exercising.



Advertising is essential for a new company. Some entrepreneurs wrongly assume that customers will flock to a new product or service. Instead, many business owners spend the vast majority of their time looking for new customers. An effective marketing strategy is essential for anyone who wants to manage a thriving company.


David McDonald: Building A Multinational Food Company

David McDonald is the president and chief operating officer of the OSI Group, LLC. OSI Group is a company that produces processed food products. For the past three decades, he has spent his career in this company. His first position after joining the company was that of a project manager to the OSI Industries.

He attended Iowa State University and graduated with a degree in Animal Science. OSI Group is currently operating in 17 countries, although its food products are being supplied to many other countries. They also have 76 production plants to make the operations of the company a reality. Most of its operations are in North America, Asia and Europe, South America and Australia.

David McDonald has been at the center of many expansion plans to these locations. He has helped the company to established new connections in areas where they never had a chance. Looking at OSI Group today, it is no longer a united states’ company. It is now a leading company in the world. By checking the Forbes list of the biggest companies in the world, it is clear that they are the most significant food production company. McDonald has contributed immensely to the growth of this company by ensuring that the exposition plans in foreign countries are carried out effectively. Of the company.

After graduating from Iowa State University in 1987, David McDonald embarked on job hunting. Soon, he was a project manager of the OSI Industries. As the project manager, he impressed the senior management with the ideas which he was bringing forth. He enabled the company to establish operations in Asia, and he was promoted to a higher position. Currently, he is the COO of the company and is responsible for the global operations of the company. In the last three years, he has enabled the company to make key acquisitions in Europe. He was behind the acquisition of Flagship Europe and Baho Foods.

David McDonald is now in the process of making sure that the company reaches to even more locations around the world. He is keen in the takeover of the European market, which he believes has a very high potential. Due to his experience in business logistics, he is able to handle the logistics of food supply business. He earlier worked with other organizations that were doing similar business. The capacity of the business to provide for consumers in different parts of the world have made it a leading global company.

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Hussain Sajwani Is Focused To Provide World-class Real Estate and Hospitality Solutions

Hussain Sajwani, the founder and Chairman of DAMAC Properties, is focused on providing the best real-estate and hospitality solutions in the Middle East. He has more than 25 years of experience in providing high-quality real estate solutions in U.A.E and other Arabian countries. DAMAC Properties is a premium development and property management firm which mainly offers luxury apartments, villas, commercial space, hotels, resorts, and other infrastructure projects. Since Hussain Sajwani founded the real estate development firm in 2002, it had no turn back and played a crucial role in the total development of Dubai and U.A.E.

He is a man known for tapping the opportunity by carefully watching the changes in the market. When Dubai government decided to permit foreigners to own properties in Emirates in the 2000s, Hussain Sajwani foresaw the great opportunity knocking the door and established DAMAC Properties which has mostly non-Emirates customers. He has a record of selling the units in his first residential apartment of 38-storey six months before starting the construction. His DAMAC Properties collaborates with a number of well-known real estate and infrastructure developers around the world and provides customized and complex housing solutions for the diverse customers of Dubai. Hussain Sajwani collaborated with The Trump Organization, Fendi, Versace, Bugatti, Paramount Hotels & Resorts, etc.

He keeps a great business and personal relationship with the U.S. President Donald Trump. Their relationship started when DAMAC Properties collaborated with The Trump Organization to construct Trump World Golf Club in Dubai under the design of Tiger Woods. The family members of both Hussain Sajwani and Trump also share a great personal relationship, and he was specially invited to the New Year party arranged by Trump this year after he was elected as the President of the U.S.

Interestingly, DAMAC has so far delivered 12,000 units, and another 39,000 units are at various stages of construction. His firm also services more than 15,000 serviced hotel apartments and rooms, and it is reportedly one of the largest hospitality servicing businesses in the Middle East. Hussain Sajwani completed his graduation from the University of Washington and started his career as a Contracts Manager which helped him to gain experience and expertise to start his ventures later. He is also a strong advocate of community uplift and contributes large chunks for education, support, and infrastructure improvements.

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And The ‘Discovery Award’ Goes To – Talos Energy!

There is an award for oil exploration and exploitation, and Talos Energy did win it in 2017 for a massive discovery of wonderful, beautiful oil. This is a significant achievement, and the award is well-deserved (no pun intended (oil well, get it?).)

Referred to as the “Zama find”, it is located in the oil rich waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The discovery by Talos Energy is a great find by the good people who work there. Some estimates suggest that the Zama find will yield billions of barrels of oil. This is an incredible benefit to everyone. Not only does crude oil produce gasoline and many other fuels, such as diesel and jet fuel, all polymers come from crude. Polymers, as you know, are plastics, which have become tremendously important in many ways since their discovery; not the lest of which is a myriad of critical components for all hospitals around the world.

Such a great company is composed of great people. The entire staff is a team of very professional and experienced experts. Talos Energy has also become one of the top companies to work for. The expertise at Talos is unparalleled, however, this is not to discourage those capable people who are just starting out in the oil industry, or are interested in getting started. Talos recognizes the desire and ability in others, and gives everyone the opportunity to join the team. There is only one way to get experience in oil and energy exploration and drilling; jumping in with experts who can impart their knowledge, wisdom and experience to all who wish to take it. This can be said to be the only way get such experience. Talos Energy welcomes you.

The future of oil is looking better and better by the day. With many of the restrictive policies being lifted, Talos is poised to take full advantage of a wealth of resources that are ripe for the taking. This good Earth provides for everyone, but sometimes it doesn’t make it too easy to recover what it has to offer. No matter, Talos has the tools and experience, and they are putting them to good use.

Steve Ritchie’s Great Apology

Steve Ritchie, in a letter, rendered a formal apology to Papa John’s customers over a few racially insensitive attributes made by a one individual, who is in extremely close connection with the Papa John’s brand and company. These racially insensitive attributes by the said person are said to include a racial slur made in the course of a conference call and the placing of blame at the foot of the NFL for slipping Papa John’s sales for the football league’s inability to prevent football players from protesting the national anthem’s playing. Since Steve Ritchie currently occupies the position of Chief Executive Officer at the Papa John’s company, he graciously expressed his sincere apology to Papa John’s customers and empathized with them over any hurt feelings caused by the ascertainment of racially insensitive episodes. Steve Ritchie made no bones during his denouncement of these episodes that any Papa John’s employees who conduct themselves in a similar fashion will be met with intolerance.

In addition to making an apology, Steve Ritchie expressed a desire to regain the trust of Papa John’s customers. He plans to effect this by taking several actions. Steve Ritchie announced that auditors without any connections to the Papa John’s company will be hired shortly make inquiries into the company’s culture, diversity, and inclusiveness and the result of these inquires will be made known to the public. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s also announced that members of Papa John’s senior management team will see field action when they are dispatched to collect their employees and franchises’ thoughts and concerns on these matters so that everyone can find a way to put it behind them. In addition, promises to be transparent in this process to regain customers’ trust was made as well as a solicitation for accountable by Papa John’s customers along with the thanking of Papa John customers for their loyalty. See Papa John’s latest status on Twitter.

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Hobbies Of Paul Herdsman


Paul Herdsman is the Co-Founder and COO of NICE Global, a full-service business process outsourcing company whose headquarters is based in Jamaica. NICE Global offers businesses that are looking to outsource various types of service delivery, such as means for improving customer retention, lowering overhead costs, and increasing revenue. In addition to being an experienced entrepreneur, Paul Herdsman is the father of two daughters and a fishing and golfing enthusiast.


Paul Herdsman’s passion for fishing began when at the age of five or six he asked his parents for a fishing pole. And right from his first fishing trip, he was completely hooked on it. Fishing is currently a recreational sport to Paul Herdsman, but it was a competitive sport to him when he was younger. He would enter fishing tournaments, some of which had six figure prize money, about eight to twelve time a year. Paul Herdsman’s proudest achievement in fishing is winning a large fishing tournament in the state of Florida. Fishing has also served as a teacher to him teaching him a couple of valuable lessons–patience and problem-solving.


Golfing is the other activity that Paul Herdsman is very passionate about. Unlike fishing, Paul Herdsman only began taking up golfing after high school. He was instantly hooked and found the game to be very challenging. Paul Herdsman currently plays golf once a week for relaxation. He finds that fishing and golfing allows him to decompress and to take his mind away from those things in his life that creates stress and tension in his life. Golfing also teaches Paul Herdsman how to deal with hard and challenging times, to think strategically, to be honest, and to value integrity. Paul Herdsman’s proudest achievement in golf is finishing a round of golfing with the score of 75, three over par. Visit This Page for more information.


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Victoria Doramus and Print Media

While growing up, Victoria Doramus had a great interest in communication. She was looking forward to working in the media industry one day. She went to the University of Colorado where she attained her first degree in mass communication. Moreover, she also wanted to understand more concerning the history of the ancient Greek, and this prompted her to attend some semester program to satisfy her desire in exploring the history of the western world as well.

Victoria has been working in the print and digital media since she graduated. Her work history is full of rich success as well as several happy clients. When it comes to her career, she started off as an assistant media planner working with Mindshare. She went on to work with organizations which made her gain a lot of experience in the media world.

However, with all the success that Victoria Doramus (@victoriadoramus) has experienced, it has not been all merry for her. While she advanced in her career, she was getting deeper into alcohol and drug leading to addiction. She got to a level she could not handle it all and was losing all hope. After battling with the addiction for some years, she decided to fight harder and have control of her life. She won the battles, and now she is leaving a clean life.

At 26, in 2011, Victoria realized she could not be able to win the battle on her own and decided to go to rehab in Arizona for the first time. During this time she was not aware of what her addiction was though she knew that it was becoming impossible for her to manage her life. She was unable to trace back to her life as she battled with cocaine and Adderall. She was losing control of her life and becoming messy. She left the rehab, but things did not change until she had to attend another rehab. At this time, she tried to change everything from friends, lifestyle, states but nothing changed. After she hit the lowest possible levels of addiction, she decided enough is enough and was ready to go to any lengths to get back her life. She made it.

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Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Talks about the Overuse of Emergency Rooms for Non-Urgent Care

According to a research, a third of Americans go to emergency rooms when looking for medical care even if their needs don’t warranty the services of an emergency department. That has been the trend going decades back. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has confirmed the fears about the state of emergency rooms in Florida.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is a renowned critical care physician with over 6 years of experience. The critical medicine specialist graduated with a medical degree from University of Louisville School of Medicine. In an interview, he shaded more light on the situation.

What is Dr. Eric Forsthoefel’s take on the problem?

He has witnessed a lot of such cases and he has attributed it to barriers to access to primary care. The doctors are obligated to attend to all the patients regardless of their condition. According to him, doctors work hard to meet the healthcare demands of people. However, he laments about the resources of emergency care rooms being limited and therefore, attending to non-urgent cases reduces their resources and capability to handle critical and acute situations.

Why do people opt for emergency rooms for non-urgent care?

A study showed that many educated and well-off people choose to go to emergency rooms for non-urgent care because they think it will take them too long to get an appointment with their care provider. Others prefer the rooms because of ER’s convenience or their incapability to secure the services of a primary care provider. Other studies reveals that the youth and men are likely to go to emergency rooms for a non-emergency issue.

All these studies corresponds with Dr. Forsthoefel’s assessment.

Actionable solutions to the problem

Addressing the issues that make people go to emergency rooms for non-emergency issues is a good start to finding a lasting solution. Critical medicine doctors such as Dr. Forsthoefel feel that if the primary care providers improve their service delivery, it will go a long way into easing the situation in the emergency rooms. They can do that by reducing waiting time and improving on their availability.

Carefully crafted research, studies and data have pointed to making of primary care and other options a convenient place to get medical care as an effective way of reducing significantly the cases of people visiting ERs for non-urgent care.

Ryan Seacrest, Fitness, Instagram and American Idol

Ryan Seacrest is in the happy middle when it comes to weight and fitness. He is not super skinny and malnourished, though he is also not obese to the point where you wonder how his health is doing. He is slim and muscular—thanks to a lifestyle of dietary cleanses, limiting what he eats and deciding to be a glutton at strategic times.

Ryan Seacrest is a thin guy, but as a child and teenager he was chunky. IMDB mentioned that you can easily find pictures of him online that attest to this fact. Throughout his formative years, rude people made remarks about his weight, which made him more motivated to drop the pounds. That is why he is the thin, in-shape guy that he is, now.

According to New York Times, Ryan Seacrest has a heart of gold, and you can see this by what he posts on his Instagram page. He frequently posts pictures of his family, as well as pictures of young fans who are excited to meet him. In most of his pictures, he is super smiley. Ryan Seacrest has been smiley ever since his days as a young child. There are selfies of him with various celebrities. His profile is also chock full of pictures of him doing whimsical poses. One of the things that commonly comes up on his Instagram profile is the excitement that he has for the fact that his sister had children.

As per Forbes, he has been working as the host of American Idol for the whole duration of the series. The show started in 2002, lasted until 2016, took a hiatus in 2017 and resumed in 2018. The series is still pretty hot, but it doesn’t really seem nearly as hot as it was in the early to mid-2000s. The show kind of ran out of steam after so many years—popularity-wise. Time went on and other things came up in the media and in society. However, it is still a pretty entertaining show for people who choose to watch it. Compared to the mid-2000s, probably a lot less people would know who the winner of the show is.

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The Life Career Life of Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman was born in the United States of America where he was also brought up. He was brought up in East Coast which stands as the rural area of Maryland shore. One year after his high school education, he immigrated to South Africa. He joined the University of Cape Town where he spent seven years pursuing economics, history and political science. He migrated to South Africa in mid-1980s. This was when the apartheid system was drastically disintegrating. This offered him an opportunity to have a firsthand encounter with political revolution in conjunction with a change in the diverse country. This experience together with his extensive travel across Asian Countries has instilled an outstanding knowledge in a manner that economics, political and interaction between societies towards molding our fortunes.

Ted Bauman decided to shift back into the United States for some years together with his family after the birth of his daughter in 2006. His primary aim objective was to ensure that his daughter gets acquainted with her grandparents as well as her relatives. When he got to the United States, Ted went through recruitment in Atlanta, Georgia for a job with a Non-Governmental Organization where he served for five years. Later on, his father, Bob Bauman got in touch with him and declared that he had a plan to retire from his full-time job of finance writing. This was in 2013, he went on and requested him whether he could attend an audition for a replacement. This is how Ted Bauman became an author at Banyan Hill Publishing. It was called The Sovereign Society back then.

Due to his incredible background in the economics department, Ted Bauman quickly diverted his attention from writing about offshore living and asset protection for investment writing. He has broad interest towards the rules-based investments where algorithms are employed in making the investment decisions unlike the use of emotions. This is how Ted discovered with two rules-based investment services. These rules are Smart Money System and the Alpha Stock Alert. Smart Money System is a section of Ted Bauman Letter while Alpha Stock Alert stands as a standalone service. His newsletter has been positively reviewed, and the testimonies affirm that they are different from other financial newsletters.