Tammy Mazzocco’s Successful Career As A Real Estate Agent

Tammy Mazzocco is a realtor and sales professional. Presently, she resides in Columbus, Ohio. Her interests range from real estate, sales, entrepreneurship, to health. Tammy has been a licensed realtor since 1995. She started her real estate profession at the Edwards Realty Company where she served as a committed secretary. In this corporation, Tammy worked closely with a team of nine commercial agents led by Mike Zelnik, a vibrant commercial realtor. She spent the subsequent seven years of her career at Scotland Yard Condominiums. She engaged in condominium management. During this period, Tammy became a licensed real estate agent at Ken Cook’s suggestion. Cook was the general manager of Scotland Yard as well as the owner and broker of Cook Realty.

Ken played an important role of teaching and encouraging her stay true to her dream of becoming a real estate profession. Following her successful stint at Scotland Yard, Tammy joined T&R properties. In this company, she worked as a multi-site property manager for an office warehouse complex and two apartment complexes. In 1998, she became a licensed personal assistant for Joe Armeni, a leading RE/MAX producer in Columbus’ Victoria Village area. Working alongside Joe and seeing the daily operations of an accomplished real estate agent and developer was of great benefit to Tammy’s career. Her interaction with Joe motivated her to practice real estate as a full time profession.

In 2000, she joined Judy Gang & Associates’ team in Pickerington, Ohio. Over the years, Judy has been her mentor and friend. Presently, Mazzocco promotes residential real estate properties in Licking, Franklin, Fairfield, and Delaware counties in Central Ohio. http://www.homes.com/real-estate-agents/tammy-mazzocco/id-629647/

Recently, while talking to Ideamensch on how her day looks like and how she makes it productive, Tammy posited that she likes to begin her day with some light stretching. She also meditates. When possible, she prefers to get most of her essential tasks done prior to opening emails and picking up the phone. In the past, Tammy blocked the things that she did not enjoy doing, including prospecting calls. However, with the passage of time, she has come to find love some of the things that she did not like. When asked about how she brings ideas to life, Tammy said that she brainstorms, researches, and draws a business plan to examine the viability of a given thought. Tammy asserted that by virtue of setting goals, she becomes more productive. Subsequently, she divides these objectives into systematic steps based on the tasks that she needs to accomplish each month, week, or day.

Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt is a Project Manager with the Meriwether Group based in Portland, OR. While Sawyer Howitt is a Senior in High School he uses his time at the Meriwether Group to head projects on educational funding and protection of women’s rights. In his short time with the firm Sawyer Howitt has also headed international ethnic study groups and has mentored many troubled youths.

Sawyer Howitt plans to attend Columbia University after high school, while there he intends to pursue a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance. A degree in Entrepreneurial Finance will help the young man become an Entrepreneur and put him on the right track for a bright future.

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VTA Publications: A Better Way To Invest Than Traditional Banking?

That man is Jim Hunt, the CEO of VTA Publications. Hunt has become an accomplished stock trader over the years, and he’s learned the keys to investing that some millionaires and billionaires have used over the years. To Hunt, learning how to trade the right kind of stocks isn’t as complex as it seems, and he founded VTA Publications to give people insights on taking control of their money and going around the banks.

JIm Hunt VTA Publications spends most of his day researching the latest stock trends and investment vehicles, and he has an audience on YouTube where he explains how he executes various trades. Hunt’s company has published various materials on finance, and he also started two programs with them called “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire.” “Wealth Wave” is about how to make a key investment when a bear market is about to hit, and how that could turn into a major profit when the money changes hands. “Making Mum a Millionaire” is about 10 stock trades that can be made to reach millionaire status on prnewswire.co.uk.

VTA Publications is a company based in the UK that publishes booklets and multimedia about various investment subjects, and ships them to anywhere in the world. Subjects they cover include planning your retirement with information taken from the bible, learning how to use stock charts and making trades from little-known options and strategies at http://www.slideshare.net/JimHunt45. Jim Hunt has invited many businessmen and investment experts over the years to come speak at seminars that his company hosts, and those seminars are available on DVD to order along with the rest of the material. All materials can be ordered at vtapublications.co.uk.

Squaw Valley Issues Official Statement Concerning Water Contamination

Squaw Valley Resort has recently issued a statement regarding news that water on the property’s upper mountain was contaminated with coliform bacteria and E.coli.


The news was initially reported in November to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health. Since the report, the water at Squaw Valley’s upper mountain has been consistently treated and is improving. There are four wells that serve the upper mountain, and three of the wells are showing low coliform levels and no E.coli, according to Placer Country Environment Health director Wesley Nicks.


Upper mountain restaurants will remain closed, and skiers are not permitted to drink the water until it has been confirmed that the water is safe. There are no reported health issues, and top-to-bottom skiing is still allowed.


Liesl Kenney, the public relations director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows also submitted a full statement concerning the water issue. She shares that an unusually heavy rain fell in October in Placer County, which affected the water systems at Squaw Valley. The water system at Gold Coast and High Camp, which was recently upgraded, was affected by the rainfall. Kenney stated that the water issues were specific to this water system, and the water was not available to the public since the contamination.


After Squaw Valley conducted routine testing on the water, Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District were contacted right away. Other leading experts in water safety were immediately contacted as well. Squaw Valley has taken steps to resolve the issue and will continue water treatment until the system returns to normal levels.

Adam Milstein Describes how Jews and Christians can Work together to Stamp out Antisemitism

Adam Milstein is a a famous and highly visible Israeli-American pro-Israel activist. He and his wife, Gila have their own charitable foundation that is called the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. It supports pro-Israel causes as well as groups that fight against antisemitism both at home and abroad.

Mr. Milstein works in the real estate business and was a highly successful real estate broker. He is now a managing partner at a real estate firm located in Encino, California. Adam also contributes to both the Jerusalem Post and the Huffington Post on topics that involve policies towards Israel, Judaism, Jewish culture and antisemitism. Below is a short summary of an article Adam Milstein published alongside pastor Samuel Rodriguez.

How Christians And Jews Can Unite To Eliminate Antisemitism

Adam Milstein begins the article by saying that Christians and Christianity have come along way to eliminating the antisemitism that was once prevalent among Christian nations. The church for example, has stopped teaching replacement theology. This is the idea that Christians became God’s chosen people when the Jews were scattered from their homeland. Christianity now views Judaism as a separate but related sister faith with similar roots and ideas such as one supreme loving god.

These steps are major progress from the programs, inquisitions, state discrimination and holocaust of the past which was perpetrated in part by Christian intolerance and antisemitism against the Jews. Today antisemitism is no where near levels where it once was and it is now against the law to discriminate against Jews. Still, Adam Milstein now warns that anti-semtitism is making a comeback in Europe and the United States. A survey cited by Milstein says that about a quarter of Europe’s population has some kind of anti-Semitic sentiment. Such feelings are also being increasingly witnessed in the United States.

The way to beat back the rising antisemitism that we are now seeing is to take a firm stand. Milstein says that the BDS movement is just one example of antisemitism that is taking root in the United States and Europe that must be stamped out. It is led by radical left wing groups and radical Islamic groups whose aim is to isolate, delegitimize, boycott and ultimately destroy Israel with propaganda and economic and political pressure. The far left and radical Islamists are a threat to both Jews and Christians as well as Western values. This is why Milstein calls for Christians and Jews to unite to stamp out the BDS movement and the rising tide of antisemitism in the world today.

Securus Technologies Has Found The Way To Keep Corrections Safer

Securus Technologies provides real solutions in the corrections industry. Their superior technology has come through once again. This time they have developed the Wireless Containment Solution. They have found a way to stop all illegal cell phones inside of the prisons from being able to connect to any mobile network. Their solution has numerous benefits. All illegal access to the network comes to an end. The identity of the cell phone used is collected. The data needed to help investigate these actions is available and used to support corrections in correctly solving and putting a final stop to the crime being committed.


Rick Smith is the CEO for Securus Technologies. He belief is an extremely proactive stand must be taken to tighten security and stop the unauthorized communications inside the jails and prisons in the system. The Wireless Containment Solutions are being used because they are effective. Cellular communications must be controlled and the laws upheld.


The other providers have tried to solve the problem. They are simply not equipped to be able to find a solution. They do not have the technology or the expertise of Securus Technologies. The only solution they have found can identify that yes there is a signal from a cell phone but they can’t prevent the signal from reaching the network. All this does is waste a whole lot of money and valuable time. The lives of the inmates are still left at risk. With the prevention of the signal many lives are being protected. All of the people in society and the friends, family and victims of the inmates.


Rick Smith understands the problem and knows they have found the solution. The Wireless Containment Solution still lets any authorized calls go through. It just prevents the illegal calls made in the areas of the prison that needs to be controlled. The illegal calls are simply shut down. Each individual corrections agency has the ability to customize this solution to fit their specific requirements.


Securus is always hearing from their clients about the problem of contraband cellphones. The threat is enormous because the criminals can conduct their business right out of prison. Securus has stopped this criminal activity by preventing the inmates from being able to use illegal cellphones. Their clients are now much safer whether they are inside or outside of the prisons.


Securus Technologies is about achieving the highest quality and standards in criminal justice. They provide the services necessary to make and keep the world safer. They focus all of their experience and technology on what matters the most.