Securus Receives Accreditation from Better Business Bureau

Securus Technologies Company is one of the leading providers of technology to the inmate facilities across the United States and some parts of North American including Canada. For the company, they are never afraid of solving the problems facing their clients in a manner that is not capacitated in the business world. This is perhaps the reason why the company is always on an upward trend. For the company, their assimilation process has also depicted their ascension. For this reason, we are going to achieve better business solutions in a manner that is not capacitated in the business world. Few companies are seeking better business solutions for their clients.


Few companies in the world are looking forward to assimilating their better business values in a manner that is not capacitated in the business world. For this reason, we will achieve the most sophisticated business solution if we don’t achieve what the world has to set for us. Securus Technologies Company is also considered as one of the fastest growing companies in the inmate industry. Perhaps this is the reason why they intended to solve most of the problems they face in the industry. Securus Technologies Company has played a trend for all to follow.


Securus Technologies Company has also announced their accreditation by the Dallas-based Better Business Bureau that works by associating their independence capabilities for a brighter future. For the company, they have always astonished the world with their assimilation processes. This is perhaps the reason why their services are adopted on a massive scale in the inmate industry. Securus Technologies Company was accredited with the highest honors and grade because they are committed to customer satisfaction levels in the industry for a better business solution. According to the CEO of the company, the accreditation comes to them in the middle of their major expansion sessions.



Gregory James Aziz is the current chairman of the National Steel Car, an elite company in the production and manufacturing of railroad freight cars in North America. Gregory James Aziz has been in charge of the enterprise since the year 1994.Gregory Aziz was born in Ontario London. He studied at the Ridley College at St. Catharine Ontario. Gregory James then went to the University of Western Ontario where Greg majored in Economics.


After his studies, he joined his family business which dealt in wholesale foods in 1971. The company later became one of Europe’s largest food exporters to the whole world. Gregory then moved to New York where he worked in several investment enterprises in the late1980’s and early 1990’s. He later organized the purchase of the National Steel Car from the then parent company Dofasco, a steel company in 1994. His goal after this purchase was to restore the company to North America’s top railroad freight car manufacturer.


When he took over, he worked to improve the company’s engineering and also pushed for teamwork through human and capital investment. The company’s net production grew by over 110% from producing 3500 cars to 12000 cars by 1999. This improved job opportunities from 600 to 3000. Greg Aziz’s success is because of the trust and teamwork he promotes among his employees. Business writer Cooper Daniels described him as a humble leader.


The National Steel Car Company has embraced the use of technology, innovation good customer relations, and stressed the importance of good customer relations to its employees. The National Steel car company has been in the forefront in all matters railroad. It is the only company in North America engineering and a manufacturing railroad freight car certified ISO 9001.2008 and has been so for the last 18 years with Gregory in charge. Under Greg’s leadership, the company has also received the TTX SECO awards for 13 years consecutively. Through Greg, the company has not been overly reliant on past successes but has focused on more innovative solutions in the railcar industry.

Gregory James Aziz is not only a successful businessman; he is also a family man. He and his wife Irene are great philanthropists in Canada. They sponsor the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Canada’s most decorated fair. He has also worked with Ontario’s food drives which have employed more than 2000 residents. Additional Info Here.


Quality Services and Products Offered by National Steel Car under Greg Aziz

Greg Aziz runs a one-hundred-year-old freight car manufacturing company in Hamilton, Ontario called National Steel Car. Gregory J Aziz took over as the Chairman, CEO and later, as the President, of the railroad company abbreviated as NSC in the mid-nineties. The engineering firm has quickly risen to become the number one trusted quality railroad car manufacturing company in the North American continent. NSC is an exceptional place to work.


To become the best railroad car manufacturer in North America has been a tumultuous journey for National Steel Car. The company has had to innovate and adapt every step of the way to stay afloat. National Steel Car has developed a fantastic manufacturing process that is highly efficient and environmentally friendly, as well. National Steel Car has been recognized for its outstanding contribution in North America with prestigious accolades and awards, for instance, NSC has repeatedly scooped the TTX SECO award. Plus, NSC is the continents only ISO 9001:2008 certified railroad car manufacturing and engineering company.


National Steel Car’s reputation speaks volumes about the commitment and workmanship of the staff. This company is not, however, resting on its laurels as it is continually pumping millions into researching new and better ways to perfect their systems. Today, NSC has countless exclusive tenders to supply freight cars to both government and private clients, the world over. Since 2009, NSC has released an estimated 12,000 quality freight car to the markets annually and the number keeps on getting bigger.


James Aziz formulated a successful business model at NSC in less than a decade. The company specializes in manufacturing freight car parts and components in accordance with the standards enacted by the railway industry authorities. Additionally, the Hamilton-based manufacturer provides after sales services like helping install the fulcrum brackets, handholds and ladder rounds, brake pipes, body bolsters and the trucks and wheelsets.


Customers interested in railroad parts and components are provided with telephone numbers to talk to one of the over 2000 customer care staff at National Steel Car. To learn more, Use This Link.


Early Career and Education


Greg Aziz, 68, is a UK citizen who’s spent close to forty years serving in the business world. His career started soon after he completed his economics major at the Western Ontario University. He joined his family’s business, Affiliate Foods Inc. Gregory helped his dad to grow and expand the business into the global food imports arena. In 2017, Affiliated Foods has a pronounced and firm presence in dozens of countries in Central and South America, Europe and of course, in the US and Canada.

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Nathaniel Ru: Cultivating on a Legacy That Outlives You

Nathaniel Ru is a globally recognized entrepreneur with a significant market influence. Mr. Ru is a real think tank, with the capacity to identify loopholes in the market and designing them a solution. When studying at Georgetown University during their senior year, Nathaniel and his friends realized that they always had a challenge in locating a healthy eating point.

They also desired to find such a place accommodating some little fun and briskness. These friends spotted a space somewhere at heart of the downtown area where they would implement their dream.

Although amid uncertainty, Nathaniel and his friends identified the owner of the hostelry space they needed, who happened to be a landlord of an apartment close to where they resided.

The Tavern Dream Come True

Nathaniel Ru called her, but the reception wasn’t good at all. In fact, she hung up on him. However, they kept pursuing her until she agreed to meet them.

The crew was set with a well-laid business plan, and of course, coupled with their stunning outfit. They had already decided to name their eatery “greens.” How sharp of the trio! Remember at this time they were still a semester away from completing their courses.

Giving Intelligent Minds a Trial

Regardless, the landlord identified a spark, or if you like it, a noticeable flicker in the three young gentlemen. She allowed them some time to look for an architect and backers and after that get to her with a real plan.

In three and a half weeks they were ready with the requirements, and sure enough, they got that chance. These three young men were real opportunists. Nathaniel Ru says that that was the best time for them to exploit that opportunity.

Sweetgreen is More Than Just an Eatery

Sweetgreen operates under the guidance of principals who are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge services. They have DNA that is attached to leaving a legacy even after they are long gone. Their innovative ideologies and service designs help them achieve their goal.

Apart from those delicacies that will keep you going back for more, you can also be sure of consistent customer service. To ensure this, Sweetgreen has a unique way of providing clients a customized experience via technology of every setting.

The trio behind the great idea always performs a feasibility study to ensure they get an ideal location for their restaurants. In short, Sweetgreen is the place to go at all times because they focus on nutritional dishes.

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Todd Lubar Shares Thoughts on Baltimore Real Estate Industry

When it comes to the real estate opportunities in Baltimore, you could not afford to sideline yourself from the anonymity associated with better business reviews. If you are also willing to invest your money in the real estate industry, the first place that should come into your mind is Baltimore. Baltimore is one of the cities that have amassed a great amount of wealth with lack of enough real estate industries. The city is also full of young people who are beginning to take their families into the new arena of assimilated business capabilities. This makes it stand out of the rest in the industry.

Baltimore is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. The city is coupled up with beautiful sceneries and beautiful residential estates that have amassed popularity in the country. Most of the retiring individuals are seeking Baltimore as one of the best places to begin a quiet life out of business. On, Todd Lubar also advises that people must think about the growing parts of the United States so that they can make a wise investment decision when it comes to the real estate industry. If you want to make more money, you must achieve the most sophisticated business capability working for a better business.

Todd Lubar is the CEO and Founder of the TDL Ventures real Estate Company based in the United States. Todd founded the Company when he was just a few years on in the real estate industry. For over two decades of experience, Todd Lobar has served his purpose of becoming part of the business solution to the people seeking the homes of their dreams in the country. Todd Lubar has also been named as the real estate agent of the year for three consecutive years. This proves that he is the best in the real estate industry.

Lubar also founded the Legendary Investment Company to help his clients get the most sophisticated mortgage funding towards seeking better business values. Todd Lubar also founded the company to help other investors find opportunities to invest their money in the industry. This sets him apart in the real estate industry. Follow on Facebook.