Jeunesse Global tackles productivity and sleep, simultaneously, with AM PM Essentials

In today’s modern, competitive workforce, being at your most productive can make the difference between riches and poverty. This is especially true over the course of an entire career where the little ways in which the best employees, contractors and entrepreneurs can distinguish themselves from their lesser peers can add up in non-linear ways, compounding into wild success.

This is why it’s so important to be on top of one’s game throughout the workday. While not all workplaces are for where gladiatorial competition reigns, even those who consistently demonstrate superior work ethic and productivity in such dissolute dens of sloth and ineptitude as government offices can give themselves the decisive edge when it comes time for promotions. For those working in truly competitive private-sector industries, even the seemingly tiniest edge can give them the leg up in promotions. And over time, being able to consistently nudge out one’s peers in the promotions game can add up to millions and millions of additional lifetime earnings.

Studies have shown that workplace productivity starts off strong, with the vast majority of productive work taking place between 9 in the morning and 12 noon. But after the lunch break, productivity tends to slacken sharply, with most people effectively unable to get anything done past about 3 p.m. For those who can stay at near peak productivity after the lunch break, the world is theirs for the taking.

Now, Jeunesse Global has created a revolutionary multivitamin that is able to address the two most important sources of productivity. The first is the ability to maintain peak alertness and mental focus throughout the day. This is accomplished by AM PM Essentials’ mix of natural stimulants and its inclusion of vitamins A through F, including B6 and B12.

The other pillar of solid workday productivity is being able to get a good night’s rest. PM Essentials takes care of this. With a special formula that was devised exclusively for use in Jeunesse Global multivitamins, PM Essentials is able to help people wind down after a stressful and stimulant-filled day, helping users to get a solid night’s rest, every night of the week.

Waiakea Does a Good Job of Marketing Water

Waiakea knew they had a great product and they wanted others to see they could use the product the way they had. The company knew there were things they had to do to make the product better and they also knew the company was successful because of the hard work they put into the business. As long as people know how Waiakea works, they can get more from the company and more from the situations they’re in. They make a point of giving others a chance at a better experience and that’s the right way to do business. Instead of focusing on negatives and profits for the business, they have to focus on the right way to do things. It’s their goal of helping other people that helps them see what they can get from the experiences they offer. They also do their best to make sure people can try things on their own.


Even when things got hard, Waiakea made sure they did everything the right way. They also made it easier for people to try their best and gave them a chance at a better future. The company saw the right way to do things and felt it was the best opportunity they had for success. Even though other companies offered water that was bottled at the source, none of it was like what Waiakea offered. Waiakea water is better than the rest because of the properties in it. People get more from the properties in the water and that helps them see the benefits.


Waiakea helps balance the body’s PH. The water is good for those who need it and it makes sense for everyone who wants to try something else. As long as people keep buying Waiakea, they’ll keep getting the water. Waiakea likes showing people they can make things better and they can get more from everything they have. The company always knew there were opportunities for people to try different things. Waiakea always knew what would happen and what would make a difference for others who were getting the most out of the positive water-drinking experience.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: Purchasing HSBC Brazil

HSBC Brazil is the Brazilian arm of the multinational financial firm based in Asia. In 2015, the president of Bradesco Bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, decided to offer HSBC Brazil a contract that would enable them to become a subsidiary of Bradesco Bank. HSBC Brazil and Bradesco Bank negotiated for months, and both parties are looking forward to a positive result of the planned merger.

The reason why Bradesco Bank wanted to acquire HSBC Brazil is for them to gain more investors and assets. HSBC Brazil holds a lot of investors, and they also have a considerable amount of assets within the company. Bradesco Bank wanted to merge with HSBC Brazil so that they could regain their designation back, as the largest and the leading bank in the country. This distinction was awarded to their rival, Itau Unibanco, which was a merger of Banco Itau and Unibanco. The two closest competitors of Bradesco Bank merged in 2009, and it generated a lot of profit for the two companies. Investors flocked in, and their assets started to grow. According to Bradesco Bank noticed that after their rivals merged, their investors began to lose one after another, and their value at the stock market plummeted, causing their clients to move their assets away from the bank.

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When Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi took charge in 2009 as CEO, he brainstormed several ideas with his colleagues on how to bring Bradesco Bank on top. After several consultations and meetings, they came up with a plan to acquire the largest financial institutions in the country to increase their value. HSBC Brazil was the top priority of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, and he spent a lot of time creating the draft that would signal the merger of the two entities. In the end, the bank expert has to offer HSBC Brazil $5.2 billion for the acquisition, which is the largest in the history of business in Brazil. The executives at HSBC Brazil accepted the deal, and they became an official subsidiary of Bradesco Bank.

The transaction made news all over the country, and experts have seen a bright future ahead after the merger. Investors came back to Bradesco Bank, and their assets grew in a short period. The shares being traded at the stock market under the ticker symbol of Bradesco Bank also experienced a sudden change, as its value rose significantly. In the end, the board of directors back at Bradesco Bank thanked Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi for his brilliant idea that placed them back on track.

Check more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi:,bradesco-anuncia-substituto-de-luiz-trabuco-na-presidencia-do-banco,70002178384

Dr. Mark Mofid Brings Change to The Industry of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Mark Mofid is a certified plastic surgeon who is one of the best professionals in the field of gluteal augmentation. He is a popular figure in the cosmetic industry as he has made numerous developments that have brought about significant change. He attended the Johns Hopkins and Harvard University thus considered to be well aware of his medical practices. Apart from his extensive training and education in the field, he also has great skills in industry innovation. In the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal, Mark Mofid’s publications on facial and breast surgery have been featured. Dr. Mark Mofid has earned the trust of many clients as he has maintained an excellent reputation for performing safe medical practices. Instead of choosing to take advantage of patients willing to pay lots of money to receive implants and the likes, he chooses to prioritize the safety of his patients. In order to provide the best services to clients, he continually researches to figure out ways that he can make things better in the gluteal industry.

During an interview with Dr. Mark Mofid, he states that he receives several thousands of patients each year seeking different services. Some of the services that are commonly sought are cosmetic & reconstructive plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatologic services. Dr. Mark Mofid continues to say that they use the Cutera laser for vein treatments and hair removal. They also provide a couple of alternatives for facial resurfacing with dermabrasion and highly reactive chemical peels. His medical center has created a healthy relationship with a laser facility within the community which caters to the needs of the clients that require laser services.

Dr. Mofid says that the best way to advertise one’s work or practices is through providing high-quality services as this results in an excellent outcome. It is better and wiser to advertise using quality rather than price. He is not bothered by the fact that their website is not well search optimized as expected as their work speaks for them. When asked whether patients inquire about nonsurgical options, he says that nonsurgical fillers are natural extensions for cosmetic surgical procedures. Majority of the patients who seek facial rejuvenation opt to start with these practices to decide whether they enjoy the experience. Eventually, some of these patients end up going through surgical procedures.

Lawrence Bender – Creator of Educational & Entertainment Films

Film producers are often not given the credit they deserve. Lawrence Bender has worked on many of America’s greatest classic movies. He has worked in television shows and even produced a couple of documentaries.

Bender, who was born in New York, worked alongside Al Gore to create An Inconvenient Truth, a documentary about climate change. The film produced almost $50 million at the box office, successfully spreading awareness about the important issue of climate change. The film also received praise from critics.

“You owe it to yourself to see this film,” said Roger Ebert, famous movie critic.

Lawrence Bender conducted an interview with TruthDig about An Inconvenient Truth.

The interviewer questioned the decision to have Al Gore narrate the film, citing the reason for the critique as Gore’s monotonous voice and uncharismatic personality.

Bender defended the decision to have Al Gore take on the role as narrator of the film, saying he had all the characteristics to make an interesting character to watch. “I felt he was funny, he was passionate, [and] grounded,” Bender said in response.

The idea of the movie was actually built around a lecture Al Gore was giving. Bender took the words out of Al Gore’s mouth, quite literally, and turned them into a film.

Not all of Lawrence Bender’s efforts towards the film industry have been so serious. He has created many films for pure entertainment. Films like Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, and Jackie Brown are all produced by Bender and feature some of the finest, most unique storytelling to ever grace the silver screen.

Jackie Brown is one of Lawrence Bender’s lesser known works, but it stars a cast of heavy-hitters in Hollywood.

The film begins with Samuel L. Jackson and Robert De Niro sitting in a living room discussing a possible future business relationship. Jackson is a gun pusher, supplying illegal firearms to he criminals of the community. After insinuating to De Niro that he was forced to kill his last partner, Jackson offers him the position.

The title of the film comes from the name of one of Jackson’s business partners, a woman who works for an airline. She smuggles money back from Mexico, but she is caught at the beginning of the movie. The rest of the film revolves around her trying to stay alive, counter plotting against Jackson as he attempts to save himself from imprisonment.

Clarifying the Truth about Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Investment

Many people have heard about the “Freedom Checks” on the media or have viewed the advertisement by their proponent Matt Badiali. The checks resemble the tax refund check by the government, and most people do not understand them nor do they know who Matt Badiali is. To get a clear view if the checks are genuine and legitimate, let’s look at how they work and who their protagonist is. Visit to learn more.

Freedom Checks are an investment and to understand how one can benefit from them requires a clear understanding of the investing principles involved. They involve Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), which can be viewed as a publicly traded limited partnership. The profits are coming from the tax advantages derived from partnerships. MLPs can be limited or general partners, but the tax benefits are equally high. They have been in place since 1981 when the 26-F statute that gives the current 550 companies legality to offer freedom checks was enacted.

To qualify for an MLP, firms must pay 90% of the returns from storage, transportation, processing and production of oil or gas in America as freedom checks back to investors. These checks must be offered on a yearly basis.

The freedom checks are not offered by the government as most media ads imply, but are a return on capital and are not subjected to income tax. They are in turn high earning. One does not need a significant portfolio of considerable capital to invest in these checks, as with $10 one can start earning. MLPs are publicly traded stocks which are exempted from income taxes since they are income-focused by passing their profits to shareholders who receive higher distribution returns than those who trade in dividend-paying stocks.

Widely traveled financial analyst Matt Badiali has a robust geological foundation having studied Earth Sciences for his bachelor’s degree at Penn State University, and later a master’s in Geology at Florida Atlantic University. From Hong Kong, Iraq, Turkey, Singapore to Switzerland, he has interviewed CEOs, inspected mines, oil and gas wells, making him an experienced source of investment advice on the subject.

Since not all companies can be profitable, Matt Badiali makes sure the target company has assets (raw materials) that are in-demand in the range of $1 billion which must be liquid. The company must have consistent payment to shareholders that increase steadily. Companies targeted for investing in are those which demonstrate an increase in their shareholders’ wealth from the investment they have made with the company. Read:


Stream Energy helps Hurricane Harvy victims

Hurricane Harvey devastated large portions of Texas.The natural disaster brought unwanted attention to PastorJoel Olsteen and his Mega church when he refused to open his church’s doors to flood victims. Stream Energy chose a different tactic, however. When the company saw that its friends and neighbors in Texas needed help, it stepped up its philanthropic efforts.

Hurricane Harvey did not make it to a category 5 on the hurricane scale, but it cost as much as Catrina. The two storms are tied for being the costliest cyclones in United States History, according to While the winds from the storm damaged building and knocked out power lines throughout the state, the flooding caused most of the damage. FEMA estimated the damage from the storm at around $125 billion dollars.

If the storm had moved on, as many other cyclones do, it would have caused far less damage. A high pressure system above and below Texas caused the storm to stall over the state for weeks. Many areas of the state that do not normally see floods soon found themselves inundated.

Stream Energy stepped up. The company used its profits to make sure that their neighbors had food and clean water. The direct sales energy company also stepped up when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. It sent aid to the island faster than FEMA and the Trump organization.

Philanthropy may not be Stream Energy’s core goal, but it believes in helping out people in need. Customers of the company also know it specializes in providing affordable energy to its customers. Dallas-based Stream Energy’s philanthropic efforts extend beyond hurricane relief. Texas residents know that the company provides charitable aid to many different community-based organizations. People do not need to suffer over 51 inches of rain from a single storm to receive the company’s community contributions

Entrepreneur Shervin Pishevar Creates a Twitter Storm

Twitter is a social media outlet that Shervin Pishevar has used in the past to express his thoughts on leadership, the US economy, and much more. In early February 2018, he let loose a tweet storm that included 50 points on why the stock market was going to see serious slippage and why the US economy is in big trouble.

Before this Twitter storm, the last time Shervin Pishevar used Twitter was in December when he announced that he would be re-signing from Investment company. This is a venture capital fund that he helped to co-found and is known for investing in big companies like Munchery, Airbnb, and Uber. He also served as a strategic advisor and as a board advisor for Uber between the years 2011 and 2015. He is a philanthropist, venture capitalist, super angel investor, and entrepreneur. Additionally, he has been recognized for his work and has been used by the US government. For example, he has served as an entrepreneurial ambassador in State Department delegations.

This whole Twitter storm started after the stock market experienced a significant drop on February 5, 2018. While his Twitter account was dry for a while, it is obvious from the 50 points made in this tweet storm that the axles of Shervin Pishevar’s mind were still turning. That drop was significant, but what Shervin Pishevar felt was even more important was the fact that slippage would continue to be seen in the coming months. Gains from 2018 are already forgone, but the gains from 2017 may soon be gone too. What is responsible for this? Shervin Pishevar points out that tax giveaways, rising interest rates, and increasing credit account deficits are partially to blame.

Quantitative easing is a tool the government has used in times past to correct the stock market after it has experienced a significant drop. Shervin Pishevar mentioned that people should expect to see hints of QE4 from leaders if the market did not stabilize. This is a tool that has been used in the past to reset the market. However, he feels that it cannot always be relied on and that people should not be fooled by it.

NGP VAN Making 2018 an Even Greater Year

Knowing how busy 2017 was a with the election coming up and campaign was heating up .Voters and supporters came out in millions to make sure the future they had seen is was attained. In 2017 NGP VAN worked with the people involved to ensure democratic success, coming out for the women’s march after the elections and raising awareness during canvassing activities.

The video inspires those who were involved not to give up the fight while encouraging prospective volunteers to take a stand for the democratic cause. the energy from the mass demonstration in strategic places was then converted into politics to make sure the person that represented the ideal goals and core values was elected. Even though the results didn’t go according to plan, NGP VAN encouraged the public to hold an optimistic head because the vigor and perseverance shown was putting the republicans under pressure.

The efforts of the volunteers were applauded from the long and late nights, multiple phone calls and door to door pitching. NGP VAN recognizes the achievements the people made when they went out to vote on November 2017 winning the popular vote. As a company they can’t wait to be involved with the people again, pushing agendas to benefit the public while having the best interests of the country at heart. For some people it was the first time they went to vote and for others, it was also the first time actively participating in an election either through demonstrations or public speaking. That shows the industrial nature of the citizens of the United States taking the bull by the horn and pursuing a target with all their might and strength. NGP VAN is going to be with the people in future demonstrations and mass gatherings to ensure 2018 is a year of greater achievements and success..

All About Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Company

Doe Deere having a serious bold eye which is a make-up and striking hair, it can be said that she is a no introvert which is similar to her brand. She is the owner and founder of lime crime company that manufactures beauty products.


When she talks about cult beauty brand that is from the cult product, she describes that “cult” is a unique word. This means that it is providing something unique where no one can provide it. This has been the trend since 2008. Due to the fluctuation of the market, she believes that is the only way to stand out as an individual in crowded place. It has been the aims that the company has been targeting.


Lime crime is 100% vegan which is cruelty-free and therefore they have been doing animal charity work related making sense of being cruelty-free and vegan. It has been reflecting her personal attitude in animal testing and the brand goals.


When it comes to entrepreneur, everyone makes mistakes which is part of entrepreneurship game. The most important thing is how to learn from the mistake and grow. The company has been able to encounter bumps on the way and has been able to overcome them ending as a better company.


In beauty trends, the company is there shining as always. Having introduced Pantone’s which is an ultraviolet color is at the point. Lime Crime is a unicorn-inspired brand, and bright purple becomes the ultimate color in the year 2018.


It is also looking in the exploration of lilac, lavender and other purple staring shades especially Venus III which is an eyeshadow palette that was launched last.


As a young woman willing to start a beauty business, make entrepreneur your huge passion. There are gaps always in the market and that is what they should focus on thinking about the next innovations. Listening to what inner voice is very important so you should pay attention to it so that you can decide on what you want to exist. The other opinion is to go out and make it work.


Lime crime started with the owner formulating the products. In the current state, there is a team in the company that is fantastic and making things possible. It helps in perfecting the formulations where they have rules guiding them. The company believes that if they don’t believe in a certain product then they ignore it and don’t manufacture.


Doe believes that packaging is super-important for the company brand. It should be important same as inside product. It has helped in communicating the value and quality of the product. When you house your product on a crappy package it will be a confusion as customers will not understand. Packaging is, therefore, the key to brand marketing. Learn more: