A Century of Innovation and Leadership: The Story of OSI Industries

OSI Industries is known as the premier source provider of proteins to restaurant and food distributor supply chains. Being the exclusive provider of protein products to the most recognized and respected food outlets in the world, OSI Industries has long been recognized as an innovator and industry leader, and for good reason. The multi-billion dollar company operates more than 65 facilities in 17 countries and directly employees more than 20,000 people. This is not counting the additional jobs that are created in its own upstream supply chain operation and subsidiary operations around the world.

OSI Industries started out a lot smaller than it is today, a whole lot smaller, in fact, it started out with just one man in a modest corner butcher shop in the Oak Park district on the west side of Chicago. Otto Kolschowsky was a man who found himself in the upper Midwest of America at the turn of the 20th century, and luckily for him, it was the perfect place for a man of his particular skills to be. He was, like most of the residents of Oak Park, of German-Polish descent, and came from a long line of butcher men. In fact, the Kolschowsky men had been butchering for more than 8 generations, and it was a trade that he had learned well from his father, grandfather, and uncles. It was also a trade that he was able to put to use in his adopted homeland as at that time the Chicago area was known as “The Meat Market to the World” due to all of the meat packing plants, butcheries, and stockyards in the region.

Otto was able to not only build a solid business but along the way he built a solid reputation, expanding his business several times to accommodate the high number of wholesale orders that were coming in from the restaurants and hotels in the city that demanded his high-quality goods and exceptional service. It was his reputation that first attracted McDonald’s, who at the time was undertaking the largest franchise expansion in the history of the world, to want to partner with him. They were seeking out regional market local providers for the proteins that they needed in their rapidly growing burger restaurant system, and in the upper Midwest, they knew that if they wanted the best quality products and service they needed to talk to Otto & Sons Meats.

The relationship was a very profitable one for both companies and the rebranded Otto & Sons, now known as OSI Industries took full advantage of the benefits of it. As they grew into a more significant role as a global protein source for McDonald’s they also found themselves being called upon to play the same part in other networks and operations. Soon they found themselves growing at an exponential rate and before long were expanding globally to provide their products to supply chains all over the world.

Today the OSI group is not just beef, pork, and chicken. Todays OSI is also an innovator and market leader in alternative proteins for specialized markets and dietary regions around the world. OSI is the predominant supplier of alternative non-beef based proteins products to India and is a mainstay provider of high-quality alternative proteins in substitution of shellfish and pork in the middle east and Israel. They are also an emerging force in meatless proteins catering to those who choose to live a vegan lifestyle. Indeed it has been a long and wild ride for Otto’s little corner butcher shop as it has become now truly the meat market to the world and for certain its one that still has a long way to go before its done.

The Truth Underneath Freedom Checks Revals Legitimate Investment

Investment guru and professional geologist Matt Badiali released a video that introducing the public the freedom checks concept. Many have seen it, interest has been garnered, and Badiali focuses on the desire of many to achieve financial independence. But are freedom checks a scam? More importantly what exactly is this thing Badiali calls a freedom check?

Freedom checks come from natural resource companies, they represent a payoff of investment. The companies involved in this financial opportunity deal in the processing, production, storage, and transportation of natural resources like oil and natural gas. They are American companies, operating in the U.S., and they are taking an advantage of a significant tax break.

Recently, massive decreases in oil amounts coming from the Middle Eastern has increased oil production in the U.S. This means oil and gas companies are about to see a lot of profit coming way. According to Badiali such companies are about to get percentage gains in the 5,000 to 40,000 range. So how does this involve John Q. Investor?

The companies will receive these gains partially to a tax break afforded them through the completion of one simple task. They have to distribute 90% of their revenue before taxes. This means those high percentage gains will go to investor currently holding stakes. The stakes are called MLPs, master limited partnerships. Companies can refer to themselves as MLPs as long as they dispense this revenue. Such stakes can be purchase for as low as $10 dollar, and represent a legitimate investment much like a regular stock. When the companies make their payouts the investors will receive a monthly to quarterly check. This is the freedom check Badiali holds up.

Because Freedom Checks are akin to stocks they are in fact legitimate. They carry the same risk factor as any stock, with the same relation between payout and investment. A person holding more than a few stakes, gets a bigger check than the person holding one. The investment itself is anything but a scam.

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Netpicks: Making Investing more Accessible for Newcomers

Navigating the stock market can be an incredibly difficult task for even the most educated individuals. For people who are new to the endeavour, it can speed pretty much impossible. There are a lot of different ways a person can get started on the stock market. However, all the flashy promises given by different services for teaching how to invest in the stock market can easily wear a person out. They can disenchant an individual with the entire prospect, get more info on dailyforex.com. It’s incredibly easy to understand why someone would be less interested in trying to learn how to invest properly after they have endured a series of flashy campaigns making outlandish promises of all the difference ways they will do make money. This probably leads people to disregard a valid recommendation when it is present to them.

An excellent resource for advice on trading in the stock market is Netpicks trading’s channel on YouTube. The channel features lots of different advice for aspiring investors. Some of Netpicks first advice is how to get started in the finance world. It recommends choosing a strategy for trading stocks. It then explains each of the strategies that are common among day traders. Then it goes into other need to know information for getting started. Other advice that this channel offers is the stop emotional investing. Netpicks is a service that provides lessons for aspiring day traders or just people who are looking to get in on the stock market. Some of their services include comprehensive lessons that can be purchased. The lessons are designed and taught by experienced traders. Netpicks use their eat decades of experience as well as their current expertise as active traders to design the most comprehensive course possible for their students, refer to (Facebook.com). The design of the courses is excellent for someone who has limited time to invest in learning but wants to learn from the ground up in an organized fashion. They would like to be a stepping stone for people who are interested in day trading but don’t feel confident enough to get started. They believe that the world of buying and selling stocks can be accessible to anyone with the right education, source http://www.netpicks.com/trading-tips/.

Visit Netpicks’ Facebook.com for more information.

HCR Wealth Advisors Puts Clients First

HCR Wealth Advisors provides a wide range of financial advisors and planning services for consumers. With the services offered by HCR Wealth Advisors, individuals will be in position to take advantage of a number or products and services to help meet their needs. These include managing assets, overseeing their investment portfolios, managing their wealth and also providing guidance on how to plan for certain financial goals. Over time, HCR Wealth Advisors has helped consumers successfully plan for major life events such as retirement as well as saving up for college expenses. Like a number of other firms in the industry, HCR Wealth Advisors looks to provide an advantage that makes it a more ideal firm to work with. This distinct advantage is putting the clients first at all times.

As a financial services firm, HCR Wealth Advisors looks to provide excellent service to clients by focusing on their needs and objectives. This allows clients to be more at ease when working with a financial advisor. Many firms have a tendency to make more money off clients by selling them more products and services. While this can benefit a firm, it can also push clients away. Unlike these types of firms, HCR Wealth Advisors does not engage in any upselling and therefore makes sure that each client gets what they want out of their experience working with a financial services firm. As a result, HCR Wealth Advisors has been able to build a very positive reputation among clients over the years.

According to Gazette Day, when you begin working with a financial advisor at HCR Wealth Advisors, you will be assigned to someone who will focus on your needs. They will go over your various financial goals and also find out what you are looking to get out of your experience. After this initial meeting, you will then be offered options that can give you the best chance at achieving your goals. This may include financial securities to invest in, mutual fund plans, life insurance and also retirement savings plans. By going over these things, clients will be in better position to find out what they need in order to achieve financial security and independence. Know more about HCR Wealth’s founder and CEO here.

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How Peter Briger is Impacting Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment comes in the list of the most successful organizations in the financial services department. The company is among the few institutions that have established very high standards for the industry. Customers from all over America and other parts of the globe have been using the services from this firm for two decades now, and they have only been singing praises because they have been receiving the excellent services they look forward to. Fortress Investment could never have made it to the top in the tough market without having the kind of leaders who have been sitting in various positions.

Fortress Investment Group chose to follow strict standards since it was introduced into the finance world. The company laid the first foundation by appointing very able leaders who had also played a critical role in starting the company. One of the people who has been there for the investment company since its first day in the market is Peter Briger. The businessman has been taking his role as company co-chairman so well, and he has brought changes that were never there in the start. Briger has been an important pillar in the company, and it is believed that he is one of the people who came with the idea of starting the organization and setting the rules that have brought it the success.

Peter Briger has a great title in the finance department because of what he has been bringing in Fortress Investment for the last two decades. This businessman has even come up in the list of wealthy people in the international market because of his businesses. Briger understands when it is right to invest in the market and when it is right to start an investment. This is one of the rules that have made him a very wealthy person in the world at the moment.

This year, Peter Briger and his comp any decided to share about a topic that has been trending in many social media platforms. Peter Briger and Fortress Investment have now urged all people who are interested in increasing profits in the market to consider the investment opportunity that has been made possible by crypto assets. Peter Briger and the large international company believe that the most successful people in the coming future will be those who will understand that Bitcoins are profitable and genuine ways of earning some profits in the tight arena. Gift From Alumni Supports Princeton Entrepreneurship

Clay Siegall turns monoclonal antibodies into nuclear weapon in war on cancer

The history of warfare has been little more than a protracted arms race. When one enemy develops a new weapon or tactic, it is quickly adopted by many across the globe. But one of the most formidable weapons to have ever graced the battlefield is still the nuclear bomb. So formidable is this weapon that it has become one of the chief metaphors for absolute and total destruction.

At the same time, the very real war that has been occurring against disease since the dawn of medicine has given rise to the search for its own nuclear weapons. Nowhere has this been truer than in the fight against cancer. Now, it is possible that the atomic bomb that will finally put an end to the war that cancer has waged on humans since the beginning of time has been found.

Clay Siegall is one of the most important cancer researchers in the nation today. He has spent more than 30 years dedicating his life to the discovery and development of new forms of cancer treatments, particularly in the field of targeted cancer therapies. As a senior researcher at Bristol-Myers Squibb throughout the 1990s, Dr. Siegall was one of the first people to work on a targeted cancer therapy known as antibody drug conjugates. In fact, it was Dr. Siegall who coined the name of this revolutionary form of cancer therapy.

As the 1990s pressed on, Dr. Siegall saw that this new form of cancer treatment had the potential to be game-changing. He felt that he was not getting the level of support necessary to get this new treatment out to the public and begin saving lives. As a result, in 1998, he took the huge leap of faith that separates true entrepreneurs from the rest of the crowd and founded his own company. Known as Seattle Genetics, it is the first company that is fully dedicated to the development and marketing of antibody drug conjugates.

Today, Seattle Genetics has more than 12 drugs in the development pipeline and has the patent on the first FDA-approved antibody drug conjugate in history, ADCetris. ADCetris is currently approved as a second-line treatment for refractory non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and it has been credited with saving thousands of lives across the country.

Jeremy Goldstein’s Wine Dinner Helps Inividuals Recoveing From Mental Illness

Jeremy Goldstein’s recent wine dinner was designed to support an organization called the Fountain House. The Fountain House supports individuals who are currently recovering from various mental illnesses. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: https://www.quora.com/profile/Jeremy-Goldstein-20 and https://www.slideshare.net/JeremyGoldstein14/22nd-annual-naspp-presentation-2014

While it unfortunately isn’t taken as seriously by the public as physical illness, mental illness prevents people from completing education and working jobs, among negative effects in other areas of life. Fountain House has been around since 1944, and focuses innovative programs based on research.

Jeremy Goldstein’s fundraiser not only gave the attendants a quality meal, but also gave them the knowledge that their attendance was contributing to an important cause.

Fountain House addresses people’s needs by allowing mental illness sufferers to learn and share their talents. Its goal is to help them recover, while also providing them with better opportunities. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Ideamench and Jeremy Goldstein | Facebook

Jeremy L. Goldstein has been quite successful in his career as an attorney. His boutique law firm is quite unique, and its goal is to give corporations and CEOs advice, particularly regarding acquisitions and mergers.

Some important acquisitions that Goldstein’s advice has helped in are Goodrich by UTC, TPG by the famous Goldman Sachs and Progress Energy by the company Duke Energy. In addition to his professional work, Jeremy Goldstein also maintains an active role in charity work and writes about M&A related issues.

Jeremy Goldstein had a great education, and attended Cornell University, University of Chicago and New York University’s School of Law.

Goldstein’s law career has been quite successful over the years, and he has distinguished himself from other attorneys through his boutique legal practice. Before opening this practice, however, Goldstein was a partner of one of New York City’s most prominent law firms.

Matt Badiali and Financial Talents

Matt Badiali is a Banyan Hill Publishing financial aficionado who has been delighting people who want to learn about wealth practices for several years at this point. He regularly thinks and writes about all topics that pertain to money in this world. He contemplates shale drillers and prices of oil. There are many professionals who manufacture shale within the United States. He doesn’t think that they’re making a lot of money in recent times. This senior research analyst has many thoughts that relate to oil manufacturers and all the things they can do to get access to earnings that are markedly stronger.

Matt Badiali sets aside a considerable amount of time to pondering prices of oil. He devotes a lot of time to thinking about freedom checks, too. He wants people who reside in the United States to learn all about these checks and what they do. He states that they give people access to precious wherewithal that doesn’t call for a substantial degree of work. Follow Matt on Twitter.

Matt Badiali has been helping Banyan Hill Publishing readers for a long time. This is the name of an American investment firm that’s situated in Delray Beach in bright and friendly Florida. Badiali is in Fernandina Beach, Florida currently. There have been so many things that have contributed to Badiali’s work-related glories over the years. He is incredibly proud of his strong and expansive educational background, first of all. Badiali studied on the East Coast at Pennsylvania State University. Science was his major path at the massive public school. He finished his bachelor’s degree there. Once he was 100 percent finished with that, he realized that he wasn’t done learning at all. That’s what prompted him to head to the Southern region of the United States for more. He went to Florida Atlantic University in Florida to begin his master’s degree program in earnest. He studied geology. Matt Badiali after that went to the University of North Carolina for his PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) degree. He’s a painstaking financial wizard who has a penchant for education and sharpening his brain that many people find captivating. To learn more about Matt, visit: https://mattbadialiguru.com/


Heal N Soothe Herbal Supplement Could Relieve Joint Pain And Other Pain Related Problems

Let’s face reality, the older we get; the more prone to pain we become. This is very true for the majority of people walking around on the planet today. Most people’s body naturally loses its ability to fight against pain as people age. This is because the enzymes and functions that are designed to eliminate or reduce pain tend to decrease as people get older. When a person’s body can longer adequately protect a person from the negative effects of pain; an outside substance has to be used to overcome this problem.


Heal-n-Soothe is one of the first and only supplements to combine the power of proteolytic enzymes with the food- and mineral-based building blocks to achieve maximum anti-inflammatory results and thus Changed The Supplement Industry.


Heal N Soothe Herbal Supplement provides natural assistance with reducing pain levels. This supplement has the ability to help people with various forms of pain related conditions. Heal N Soothe utilizes Systemic Enzyme Therapy by combining systemic enzymes with 12 of the most powerful natural pain fighters found in mother nature It contains 12 different pain fight substances such as Ginger, Rutin, Papain and Turmeric. Each of these substances play a role with relaxing aggravated tissue and they help to stimulate the immune system.


Keep in mind that the immune system is very important to fighting pain. As a matter of fact, when you are in pain, your body’s natural response is to send in white blood cells to the affected area. They then use coat the area with a protective coating that helps to soothe the pain. This whole entire process causes inflammation and swelling. You might not like swelling but it is proof that your body’s immune system is in great shape for fighting back pain and even infection. This process will usually last until the area is completely healed. See This Article for additional information.


Once an area is completely healed the body will then send in proteolytic enzymes to heal damaged scar tissues. This process is important to healing pain and taking it away. We already discussed that this process becomes less effective as we get older. That’s when products like Heal N Soothe become useful. Heal N Soothe capsules have the ability to reduce pain and they might have the ability to eliminate pain related conditions for some issues.


Heal N Soothe is available in capsules and can be purchased on https://www.losethebackpain.com/order-heal-n-soothe/

Vinod Gupta Has Made A Career Out Of Being Able To Recognize A Good Opportunity

Vinod Gupta is the Managing General Partner of venture capital firm Everest Group has developed a reputation as a self-made businessman who operates with a strong moral compass. Before his time with Everest Group he was the man behind the success of Gupta, a highly successful database technology firm. His current work with Everest Group sees Vinod working in the area of providing venture capital to the field of database technology as well as lending support to assets that are underperforming. Vinod Gupta is also an entrepreneur who is known for his devotion to philanthropy and routinely gives support to charitable organizations that are operating in India.


Vinod Gupta got his start in business when he recognized an area in the market that needed to be filled. After finishing his education, he found himself working for a mobile home manufacturer in the marketing department. He got some major experience in the field of database compilation during this time period that has helped him throughout his business career ever since. Recent years have seen major changes in Vinod Gupta’s business model due to the constant advent of new technologies. All the while there has been an expanding need for new technologies revolving around databases across newly emerging platforms. Vinod has seen an ever-increasing demand from his clients for things such as databases of services available in certain geographic areas.


In recent years Vinod Gupta and his staff at Everest Group have been working to build the company by attaining underperforming assets that have great potential to them. The firm has been very careful when selecting these sorts of companies. It can be risky taking a failing company and turning it into a success, but the rewards often validate the risk involved. At the end of the day, Vinod and his team at Everest Group have developed a sterling track record at recognizing when a company has a great product and simply need to revamp their business model in order to become profitable. See This Article for more information.


More about Vinod Gupta on https://interview.net/vinod-gupta/


Watch also Vinod’s videos on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_e-UzAJFxHU