A Closer Look into the Career of Dr. Saad Saad.

During the early years of his career, he worked as a surgeon for one of the royal families in Saudi Arabia. At the time, he was the first pediatric surgeon to receive a certification in the United States. Dr. Saad Saad was exceptional as he could communicate with the clients in both English and Arabic. While in Saudi Arabia for four and a half years, he lived in a city called Riyadh. He lived in the company of his family members. He was born in Palestine. The surgeon grew up among seven siblings in Kuwait. He graduated from Cairo University where he received a medical degree. He was one of the best students in his class, and he was honored for that. When he left the university, he got an internship opportunity in England. Years later, he moved to the United States where he has worked for many years.

To obtain board certification, he enrolled for a residency in pediatric surgery. The process involves a series of activities such as surgical practices, specialized training in your area, and passing certain tests that are done periodically. In Saudi Arabia, he was stationed in a medical facility called King Specialist Hospital. In most cases, he was expected to perform complicated surgeries. One of his most memorable moment is performing a surgery on a small kid who was suffering from an aneurysm. The incident received international attention, and his work was featured in various international publications. He became a role model for many medical practitioners. The other workers at the facility respected him due to his humility and high level of professionalism. He was consulted before making decisions such as referring a patient to another facility outside the country.

Dr. Saad Saad is a resident of New Jersey where he spends time with his family after his retirement. He has previously worked at K Hovnanian Children Hospital. He urges people to be hardworking and persistent in pursuing their dreams. According to him, the attributes enabled him to survive in the United States. He is a good reader and is passionate about the former president, Abraham Lincoln’s books. The pediatric surgeon believes that all human beings are equal and that all deserve to be treated with respect and dignity irrespective of their race or financial strengths. He is a pioneer of several programs that were meant to improve the patient’s experience. Dr. Saad Saad has helped thousands of medical students to acquire certifications necessary to start their careers.

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