And The ‘Discovery Award’ Goes To – Talos Energy!

There is an award for oil exploration and exploitation, and Talos Energy did win it in 2017 for a massive discovery of wonderful, beautiful oil. This is a significant achievement, and the award is well-deserved (no pun intended (oil well, get it?).)

Referred to as the “Zama find”, it is located in the oil rich waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The discovery by Talos Energy is a great find by the good people who work there. Some estimates suggest that the Zama find will yield billions of barrels of oil. This is an incredible benefit to everyone. Not only does crude oil produce gasoline and many other fuels, such as diesel and jet fuel, all polymers come from crude. Polymers, as you know, are plastics, which have become tremendously important in many ways since their discovery; not the lest of which is a myriad of critical components for all hospitals around the world.

Such a great company is composed of great people. The entire staff is a team of very professional and experienced experts. Talos Energy has also become one of the top companies to work for. The expertise at Talos is unparalleled, however, this is not to discourage those capable people who are just starting out in the oil industry, or are interested in getting started. Talos recognizes the desire and ability in others, and gives everyone the opportunity to join the team. There is only one way to get experience in oil and energy exploration and drilling; jumping in with experts who can impart their knowledge, wisdom and experience to all who wish to take it. This can be said to be the only way get such experience. Talos Energy welcomes you.

The future of oil is looking better and better by the day. With many of the restrictive policies being lifted, Talos is poised to take full advantage of a wealth of resources that are ripe for the taking. This good Earth provides for everyone, but sometimes it doesn’t make it too easy to recover what it has to offer. No matter, Talos has the tools and experience, and they are putting them to good use.