Ian King Introduces a Cryptocurrency Mega-Millionaire

Recently the foremost contributor to Investopedia on cryptocurrencies, and a successful trader himself, Ian King, joined the editorial team at Banyan Hill Publishing. Later in 2018 he and Banyan Hill will start up a trading service for cryptocurrency investors. In the meantime, he is writing a weekly column for Banyan Hill’s free email newsletter Sovereign Investor Daily. In the latest article, King shares what he has learned about cryptocoins from mega-millionaire Barry Silbert.

Barry Silbert is CEO of Digital Currency Group. Five years ago, King saw Silbert shock a room full of venture capitalists and hedge fund traders. Silbert told them he had invested almost his entire net worth into bitcoin because he believed it was the greatest technological breakthrough of their lifetimes. That doesn’t sound so wild now, but in 2012, among that group of wealthy people, it stopped all conversation. They couldn’t believe what they’d just heard. Bitcoin was then selling for around $14. Five years later, FORBES estimated Silber’s share of it as worth from $400 million to $500 million. Learn more on crunchbase  about Ian King

Ian King’s article then addresses the situation in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies today. Bitcoin has gone from a December 2017 peak pushing $20,000 to just around $6.000, an incredible drop. Yet, as King points out, bitcoin has historically always been volatile. And it has dropped even more in the past. In 2011 bitcoin suffered a drawdown of 93%. In January 2015 it pulled back 85%. And, at other periods, it has gone down 60%. However, none those problems kept it from making an incredible jump in 2017. If someone had bought bitcoin at those prior bottoms, they would still be in profit.

Yet some people are celebrating bitcoin’s drop. The economist Paul Krugman called it “cryptofreude.” He’s enjoying watching the crypto bubble deflate, and says bitcoin enthusiasts are nasty as well as crazy. Follow Ian King on Twitter.

King points out the mainstream media is wrong about bitcoin’s long-term potential. It has certainly gone down a lot in price, but it’s still a transformational technology. He just attended a Crypto Summit in New York put on my Yahoo Finance: All Markets Summit: Crypto. There, he learned of many more entrepreneurs who are pioneering ways to use the blockchain technology.

However, he saves the best news for last. Barry Silber also attended that summit. Silber says that CNBC makes people think everybody has already invested in bitcoin, and that’s why it’s a bubble crashing. But that’s not true. Few ordinary people have bought cryptos yet. Within a year or two, a huge amount of capital from around the world is going to flow into crypto assets from asset managers. Read:https://banyanhill.com/expert/ian-king/

Securus Technology: Pioneer of Multi-faceted Approach to Prison Management

Securus Technologies is a company that provides technological solution to help with investigations, maintaining peace, and public safety. It is a prison-based company in America, and serves most of correctional facilities in the United States. The Chairman of Securus is Richard Smith and has a team that is dedicated to finding solutions to everyday problems. Recently, Securus created technological solutions for correctional facilities to help in maintaining security. Prison officials from various facilities who have used these solutions gave responses regarding the effectiveness of Securus Technologies.


Customized Service Delivery: Customer Feedbacks


Securus Technologies enabled one user to gain information from phone calls, which helped in obtaining a search warrant for the individual. Without the help of Securus Technologies, it would have been impossible to catch the suspect. Securus Technologies enable calls monitoring, and this is helpful during investigations. Calls made by suspicious inmates were monitored to determine whether they are using alcohol and drugs. During the process, officials also heard conversations about illegal money transfer and this helped in prosecuting the two.

Calls monitoring solution is useful in catching suspects and solving cases.




Correctional facilities depend on Securus Technology solutions and it is pleasing to see the commitment of the company towards helping prisons. Moreover, the reporting data has improved prisons’ proactive approaches in monitoring and stopping cases of contrabands in correctional facilities. The covert alert feature also enables officials to catch, and arrest suspects.


More Feedback


Securus solutions are vital in maintaining law and order. It is now possible to listen to inmate to inmate calls, and record suspicious activities. Prison officials no longer worry about being caught unaware by inmates. The use of LBS software alongside other measures helps in detecting illegal things in cells. They help in recovering stolen items and money. Securus Technologies should continue inventing solutions for correctional facilities.


Lacey and Larkin Vocal About Trump’s Poor Decision Making

Recent decisions of Judge Susan R Bolton have been problematic for people affected by Joe Arpaio. The decision last month by the prominent district judge to provide a pardon to Joe Arpaio has been met with a significant amount of disdain in the public.

He was convicted previously for racial profiling as well as other harmful activities. The decision for this Maricopa County sheriff to be imprisoned was overturned as he was granted the pardon.

Some of the problems that Lacey and Larkin have mentioned with this decision have to do with the great amount of human life that was lost. Arpaio had been notorious for inhumane prison conditions that led to the death of many of his victims.

He illegally had detained numerous individuals who were migrants or thought to be in the US without the appropriate documentation. His mistreatment as well as the illegal nature of his imprisonment centers have contributed significantly to the present outcomes.

A lot of people have been dismayed by the decision to pardon his eighty seven year old. He had a long standing reputation as being one of the worst sheriffs in the state of Arizona.

The numerous deaths that have not been documented or reported are just some of the cruelties that were committed by Arpaio. There were substantial captives that were also targeted by a special task force that Arpaio created for the sole purpose of fulfilling his ulterior motives.

Since there are so many harmful circumstances propagated by Arpaio it was surprising that he did not have to face the consequences of his actions. The pardon was initiated by the president, who had gained a lot of support from Arpaio in earlier years. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

He had been an influential supporter for Trump prior to the election process. This suggests that there is a long standing relationship between the two that may have contributed to the development of reform in multiple areas.

Overall, Lacey and Larkin have been very vocal about the grave nature of his actions. They command that further efforts should be made for the establishment of a better precedence when it comes to harmful misuse of power. They have advocated for better civil liberties for many years as the adversity poised by Joe Arpaio has spanned multiple generations.

There are a lot of ways that the Frontera Fund is concerned with Joe Arpaio. This is due to the complex nature of the way that he targets migrants and immigrants. After being held hostage by his task force, Lacey and Larkin won a significant law suit based on persecution of the first amendment.

It is notable that their present position both legally and in other aspects of development is based on an understanding of Arpaio as well as a perspective about his actions being unfair. He has even held pregnant women captive and chained to unsafe and unclean birthing rooms.

While there have been numerous allegations against him, these have been dismissed based on the work of the recent pardon.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:


Logan Stout Believes People Should Work Together To Bring Ideas To Life

Logan Stout was questioned about how he got the idea for IDLife, the company that he started up. He took the time the share about how the whole process got started. He shared that someone came up to him and told him that there was a doctor who wanted to meet with him.

That doctor had created a personalized vitamin program and it was something that interested Logan Stout. This man chose to find out more, and that is how he got started with his company. He met with the doctor and was able to create IDNutrition with the help that he offered.

Follow Logan Stout on Twitter

There are people who do not keep any part of their lives hidden from others, and Logan Stout seems to be one of those people. He was more than willing to share in an interview how a typical day goes for him. He mentioned that he starts his day with an IDLife Shake, something that his company creates that is great for consuming at the beginning of the day. He shared that he does some things on his own in the morning before he gets his twins up and helps them get ready for the day. Logan Stout ends the day with dinner with his family and a little extra work that he completes in the evening.

Logan Stout as CEO of IDLife believes that there is no such thing as a bad idea. He shared in an interview that he loves ideas. He likes to come up with new ideas. He believes that it takes a team to bring ideas to life, and he likes to be involved in the process of making dreams come true. He believes that it is better for a person to work with others in bringing their dream to life than for a person to try to bring that dream to life on their own.

See: http://skyscrapersports.com/logan-stout-professional-mlb-player-wellness-entrepreneur/

Ian King of Banyan Hill Publishing Guides Investors On Cryptocurrency

While investing in the current share markets seems like the best option to money-making gigs, the industry is filled with reasonable risky ventures that may equal to lose eventually. That is why for an investor to be successful, he or she must consider following the steps of a reliable investor who has vast experience. One such individual is Ian King, an investment mogul who works for Banyan Hill Publishing.

Ian’s Career

Ian King is a serial entrepreneur whose goals and objectives surround the provision of viable advice to investors. The experienced, executive professional understands what it entails to put money in an aggressive docket that requires significant care and approach. Ian started out by working as a clerk in a mortgage firm. He later joined credit derivatives at the famous Citigroup Firm. The experience Ian garnered from that place allowed him to extend his services to trading options. He also landed a role as a manager at Peahi Capital. That is a hedge fund company, located in New York. Having garnered relatively, vast experience in the mentioned companies, Ian King was ready to delve into primary trading where he concentrated in bitcoin, cryptocurrency, monero, litecoin as well as a ripple. Learn more on crunchbase  about Ian King

Ian’s Role at Banyan Hill Publishing

Until now, Ian King has been instrumental in guiding investors on how to accumulate assets by predicting the viability of investments. Having mastered the ropes of investment, he landed a role at Banyan Hill Publishing. He works in the firm as a contributor to the daily investment atmosphere. His input revolves around creating useful editorial journals to guide investors in their journey. It has taken him less than a year to woo a vast client base that attributes its success to him since he joined in 2017. He manages the firm’s Investor Daily by disseminating crypto information to the clients.

Ian’s Contribution

In a different chapter, Ian King has contributed to Investopedia by generating useful, asset-generating content to guide investors. Ian King’s role covers the generation of trading courses as well as investment schemes. Being well-versed with the requirements of the trading docket, Ian is updated with information that many investors don’t know. That makes him one of the leading gurus in the field of cryptocurrency and trading services.

Additional Information

Ian King originated from New Jersey. At the age of 19, Ian King was trusted to manage Belmar, a busy beach that entertained over 100 clients. That marked the onset of his leadership skills. Learn more:https://banyanhill.com/bitcoin-expert-ian-king/


Jordan Lindsey on Forex

Jordan Lindsey is the founder of Bitcoin Growth Bot, the first 100% trading bot for a cryptocurrency lending program. His career began with working for Maximum Capital Management, Inc. from February 1999 to June 2001, as Vice President. From November 2005 to the present, he was a founder of JCL Capital until the present. Forex is an acronym for foreign exchange. The daily average trading volume is in excess of $5 trillion. This sort of exchange rate determines the exchange rate between euros and pounds. Forex is about changing one currency for the other. When you go overseas, this is necessary to get done.

If you think a type of currency will increase in value, you can buy it, but if you feel it will decrease, then you sell it. Jordan Lindsey wants to become a millionaire even as he is an advisor to Energia Global 2017 to the present, and he’s a CEO of Prive Information Services Inc. from February 2012 to the present. A $1000 account that’s invested for 10 years has a rate of return that is 100% yearly, in the formula he uses as an example. Compounding is about the value of an investment going up, because of interest being earned on that investment.

He advises not to be too aggressive, to control risk. You are looking at a weekly monthly, and yearly scale. If $100 is contributed every month for three years it can turn into $3 million dollars. What do you give up to save that much money each month? It is important to focus on one formula and what you are expecting to achieve in the long term. Lindsey’s advice is to think big because fortune favors the bold. He believes in staying the course and making sure you have follow-through.

How Betsy Devos Spread the School Choice Movement Nationwide

Every year, the school choice movement continues to grow. More and more programs are being added in more and more states. A few dozen thousand students enroll in nonpublic schools every year. It is all thanks to Betsy Devos and others like her who work for education reform. Learn more: http://www.betsydevos.com/policy-involvement/


According to Betsy Devos, this can be explained by the fact that many people are starting to realize that public schools may not be the best solution for all students. Not all public schools are succeeding. In fact, many of them are failing. People realize that and are more open to tax voucher programs and other programs that help out private and charter schools.


Betsy Devos, in an interview, explained that there was no single incident that caused her to join the school choice movement. She said that when it came time to send her own kids to school, she and her husband, Dick, realized that private schools are sometimes a better choice. They met many other parents who were struggling to keep their kids enrolled in a private school. That is when they realized that they had to do something about the issue.


Betsy Devos joined the school choice movement early on, before it became mainstream. In fact, she was one of the main proponents of this movement. Without her, it would not have gained the traction that it did, and the education landscape in the United States today would look nothing like it does.


Betsy got involved with a foundation that provided scholarships to kids who came from poor families that could not afford to send them to private schools. Meanwhile, Dick ran for the Michigan State Board of Education and was elected in 1990. However, Betsy realized that while scholarships were great, it did not address the issue on the large scale of things.


At that point, Betsy decided to get involved in the school choice movement on a national level. She sat on the board of a couple of charities that worked to help children who wanted to attend private schools. She and her husband Dick were involved in passing the first law in Michigan involving charter schools in 1993. In 2000, they even tried to change the State Constitution to allow tax credits and vouchers for private schools. Although they were not successful in that attempt, it drove them to start shifting their focus nationwide. They started campaigning for such programs in other states and were wildly successful. In fact, there are now such programs in almost half of all states in the United States. At the same time, Betsy started the Great Lakes Education project, which focuses on education reform in her home state of Michigan.


Betsy Devos is now the eleventh Secretary of Education, having been nominated to the position by President Donald Trump. However, she is no newcomer to politics. She served as the Chair of the Republican Party in Michigan for a number of years. She continues to lobby for education reform nationwide.

Back to Basics with Basis by Elysium Health

What Is Elysium Health?

Elysium Health is a consumer science company that was started by Dr. Leonard Guarente—director of the Glenn Laboratory for The Science of Aging at MIT. Dr. Guarente has conducted significant research on the genetic and molecular causes of aging during his career. By starting his own company, he wanted to bring scientific advancements from that area to consumers through clinically validated health products.

Dr. Guarente’s focus is to help people stay proactive about their health and support their well-being on a regular basis and not just when issues come up. To do so, Elysium Health has partnered with scientists from prestigious institutions like Oxford and Harvard to conduct research.

The Supplement Basis

Elysium Health currently sells a supplement called Basis. Basis is based on 25 years of prior research that Dr. Guarente has worked on during his scientific career with other scientists. Basis is clinically proved, and third-party tested for quality, to boost NAD+ levels in humans by an average of 40%. Boosting levels of this critical coenzyme ensures that critical cellular processes continue working at their optimal. NAD+ naturally declines in our cells as we age, which is why Basis supports cellular health by boosting its levels.

Basis is a supplement that is made with no animal products. It is completely vegetarian and vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, and contains no artificial flavors or colors.

Basis as a Supplement for You

Basis is a supplement that is extremely easy to use and affordable. Basis is meant to be taken daily and designed for long-term use. There are several options available to purchase Basis. The most popular package is a six-month subscription to the supplement for $270. You can also buy a monthly subscription to the supplement for $50 and an individual jar for $60. Each jar of Basis contains 60 capsules, which is the recommended amount of the supplement for 30 days.

Waiakea Water Gives Back

Just like so many products, there are many bottled water choices out there. Waiakea water is one of them, but they stand out for a few good reasons. First off, Waiakea is Hawaii volcanic water. It comes from a natural source-the Mauna Loa volcano. It even travels through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock that filters it on the way down through its porous rock layers.

Waiakea offers much more than great-tasting water. Waiakea also gives back to those who need it most. For every liter of Waiakea water sold, they donate a whole week’s worth of clean. Drinking water to communities in Malawi. The company has partnered with Pump Aid to bring clean drinking water, and elephant pumps to rural Africa. They also give three percent of their revenue to local nonprofit organizations and community programs.

Waiakea water is also conscious of the environment, and their bottles are made from 100 percent recyclable plastic. They are also fully degradable. They are considered to be a CarbonNeutral company and their bottle takes only about 15 years to break down. The average water bottle takes well over 1000 tears to break down. The packaging used for their products is made with polyethylene terephthalate-a materiel that uses less energy to manufacture than the “normal” plastic bottle. Their bottles are BPA-free and the process they use to create their bottles uses fewer emissions-90 percent fewer to be exact.

Waiakea water pH is between 7.8 and 8.8 which means that it is naturally alkaline. It also contains silica which gives it its nice, smoothness. Waiakea water has volcanic water benefits since it has silica has also been proven to reduce the chances of developing Alzheimer’s substantially. All it takes is 10 mg of silica per day, and Waiakea has well over that with 30mg.

Waiakea water uses a facility that uses 33 percent renewable energy to process its product and the company also uses vehicles that are carbon efficient. Waiakea cares about their product, their company, and communities around the world. They’re striving to be earth-conscious and to preserve the natural beauty of our earth.

Louis Chenevet’s Culture Continues its Trend of Success

In order to complete a successful term as the Chief Executive Officer of any major corporation, there has to be an intense focus on the company’s future outlook, while also creating a culture in which positive results are consistently achieved on a short-term basis. The former Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert, maintained this steadfast approach, creating a culture that thrived during his time with them, and one that continues to thrive, even in his absence. The success of United Technologies Corporation was completely by design, as Louis Chenevert had already established a winning culture during his time with Pratt & Whitney, well as during the fourteen years that he worked for General Motors.

Prior to entering the business world, Louis Chenevert attended HEC Montreal, where he garnered a bachelor of commerce degree with a concentration in production management. It was while he attended the business school of the University of Montreal that Mr. Chenevert developed the tools that would see him be one of the most successful businessmen of his generation, taking an existing company to heights that previously were not thought to be possible. Louis Chenevert would spend six years with Pratt & Whitney before he became the President of the entire corporation, and in 2006, he would be elected to the position of CEO for United Technologies Corporation.

Prior to leaving Pratt & Whitney, Mr. Chenevert gained knowledge of a budding engine technology that he felt would change the course of human history, altering the methods in which we travel. The engine technology would eventually be brought with him to United Technologies Corporation, and after significant time and investment, become the GTF engine; a plane engine that would cut emissions by fifty percent, while also utilizing significantly less fuel. Today, the GTF engine is one of the most prevalent in the world of air travel, operating in over fourteen airlines and seventy aircrafts. Since his departure, United Technologies Corporation continues to flourish under the guidance of, now CEO, Gregory Hayes, who has undoubtedly implemented many of the strategies created by his prominent predecessor.