Hobbies Of Paul Herdsman


Paul Herdsman is the Co-Founder and COO of NICE Global, a full-service business process outsourcing company whose headquarters is based in Jamaica. NICE Global offers businesses that are looking to outsource various types of service delivery, such as means for improving customer retention, lowering overhead costs, and increasing revenue. In addition to being an experienced entrepreneur, Paul Herdsman is the father of two daughters and a fishing and golfing enthusiast.


Paul Herdsman’s passion for fishing began when at the age of five or six he asked his parents for a fishing pole. And right from his first fishing trip, he was completely hooked on it. Fishing is currently a recreational sport to Paul Herdsman, but it was a competitive sport to him when he was younger. He would enter fishing tournaments, some of which had six figure prize money, about eight to twelve time a year. Paul Herdsman’s proudest achievement in fishing is winning a large fishing tournament in the state of Florida. Fishing has also served as a teacher to him teaching him a couple of valuable lessons–patience and problem-solving.


Golfing is the other activity that Paul Herdsman is very passionate about. Unlike fishing, Paul Herdsman only began taking up golfing after high school. He was instantly hooked and found the game to be very challenging. Paul Herdsman currently plays golf once a week for relaxation. He finds that fishing and golfing allows him to decompress and to take his mind away from those things in his life that creates stress and tension in his life. Golfing also teaches Paul Herdsman how to deal with hard and challenging times, to think strategically, to be honest, and to value integrity. Paul Herdsman’s proudest achievement in golf is finishing a round of golfing with the score of 75, three over par. Visit This Page for more information.


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Victoria Doramus and Print Media

While growing up, Victoria Doramus had a great interest in communication. She was looking forward to working in the media industry one day. She went to the University of Colorado where she attained her first degree in mass communication. Moreover, she also wanted to understand more concerning the history of the ancient Greek, and this prompted her to attend some semester program to satisfy her desire in exploring the history of the western world as well.

Victoria has been working in the print and digital media since she graduated. Her work history is full of rich success as well as several happy clients. When it comes to her career, she started off as an assistant media planner working with Mindshare. She went on to work with organizations which made her gain a lot of experience in the media world.

However, with all the success that Victoria Doramus (@victoriadoramus) has experienced, it has not been all merry for her. While she advanced in her career, she was getting deeper into alcohol and drug leading to addiction. She got to a level she could not handle it all and was losing all hope. After battling with the addiction for some years, she decided to fight harder and have control of her life. She won the battles, and now she is leaving a clean life.

At 26, in 2011, Victoria realized she could not be able to win the battle on her own and decided to go to rehab in Arizona for the first time. During this time she was not aware of what her addiction was though she knew that it was becoming impossible for her to manage her life. She was unable to trace back to her life as she battled with cocaine and Adderall. She was losing control of her life and becoming messy. She left the rehab, but things did not change until she had to attend another rehab. At this time, she tried to change everything from friends, lifestyle, states but nothing changed. After she hit the lowest possible levels of addiction, she decided enough is enough and was ready to go to any lengths to get back her life. She made it.

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How Hussain Sajwani Ventured Into Luxury Real Estate

Hussain Sajwani is one of Middle East’s renowned real estate developers. He started his career as a contracts manager of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company subsidiary right after graduating from the University of Washington. It was not long before Sajwani ventured out into entrepreneurship and in 1982; he started his own catering company. The catering division grew and is currently a market leader providing its services to various institutions around different continents. They serve up to 150,000 meals a day and also offer management services. Besides, they have about 200 projects under their administration.

Hussain Sajwani joined the real estate sector in the 90s when trade became rife in the Middle East because more people visited the place for business. He built Hotels to accommodate the growing numbers and soon identified an opportunity in luxury development. Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties in 2002. It is a leader in luxury quality and design developments. The company has completed about 21,700 luxury units so far and is set to increase the number as they partner with leading lifestyle & Fashion brands to develop luxury homes and utilities. These projects include a golf resort with a Tiger Woods Theme to be managed by the Trump Organization that is owned by President Trump. Sajwani is in a business partnership with Trump, which explains why he is known as Trump’s Man in Dubai. He has demonstrated this by designing several branded properties for Trump besides their partnership in the development of different estates. Sajwani has also partnered with Versace homes to build Italian style apartments with interiors by Versace, Luxury Villas by Bugatti, Fendi Casa, and Just Cavalli among many other new and exciting concepts in Real Estate.

According to Bloomberg, in 2011, DAMAC properties launched the DAMAC Maison, a hospitality division that is now known as DAMAC Hotels and Resorts with the aim of providing bespoke service to the residents who occupy the 13,000 serviced hotel apartments and hotel rooms. Hussain Sajwani is listed among the top 100 most influential Arabs globally. He is credited to have excellent entrepreneurial skills and has demonstrated the ability to transform a vision into a business reality while giving the right kind of leadership to foster growth. Sajwani has also ventured into trading and serves as a member of several boards, such as the Emirates Takahul Company in Abu Dhabi, Juno Online in New York, and the Majan University College in Muscat, Oman. Here’s Sajwani’s Official YouTube Channel.

Checkout his LinkedIn profile: linkedin.com/in/hussainsajwani

Meet Adam Milstein, the Managing Partner of Hagar Pacific Properties

Adam Milstein has made a lot of accomplishments in the real estate industry as well as in the philanthropic world. He has been recognized because of the significant efforts applied towards becoming successful in his career as well as working towards helping the Israelites from poor background access their basic needs.

Adam Milstein is the managing partner of Hagar Pacific Properties. The company is based in Los Angeles and manages more than 100 properties which value over one billion dollars. As the managing partner, he has been able to help the company realize its dreams after working closely with the team leaders who have a wide range of experience in the real estate word. The company is also known for the ability to sell all types of property across the whole country. These investments have helped them make billions of profits from the business.

Adam Milstein was born in 1952 to a real estate development family. His father was a prominent developer in Haifa, Israel where Adam was brought up. His mother was a homemaker and a jew who valued her family as well. At 19, he joined the Israel Defense Forces and was able to participate in the Yom Kippur War. His brigadier later became the Israelites Prime Minister. His generous contributions for his country during his compulsory service will forever remain in the books of his country.

Adam Milstein, after completing his service at IDF, joined the Israel Institute of technology for a bachelors degree in Economics and Business. The young Milstein joined his father in his real estate business while he was not in school and thus became a great chance for him to understand the real estate business.

Adam Milstein married his love in 1981 and later after a few years, they migrated to the United States of America. He joined the University of Washington for a Masters Degree in Business Administration. That was an added advantage for him, and his education background later employed him. He has since then achieved a lot in his career to the point of forming foundations aimed at giving back to his community back in Israel.


Gregory Aziz Has A History Of Building Companies

National Steel Car is a company that deals with the production of rail products. Its main product is the railroad freight cars. For the past 100 years, this is the only activity that this company has engaged in. The long history that this company has had is an indication of the resilience that not many companies can have. Many companies will collapse in just a few decades after they have been formed. In fact, it is rare to find a company that was forced in this era still operational. Many companies which were formed during this period have been faced out but the technological innovations which have taken place in the last one century.


National Steel Car is now a leading company in the world in the production of railroad freight cars. The products are supplied to various places around the world. Their main clients are, however, companies which operate in North America. National Steel Car is located in Hamilton. Read This Article for more information.


National Steel Car is today a huge company. In the last two decades, there has been a thorough transformation of the company. A lot has been done to increase the production capacity of the company, a company that was producing 3,500 cars before 1994, was producing over 12,000 by 1999. Such huge growth was recorded in a short time following the efforts made by CEO Gregory James Aziz who bought the company in 1994 from its then owner DOFASCO.


Since the company was placed under the leadership of Greg Aziz, everything has changed. The company has been doing impressively well and cannot be compared with what was happening in the past. Under his leadership, National Steel car has transformed into a modern company despite having such a long history that dates back to 1912.


Greg Aziz has demonstrated that it is possible to lead a company that is not doing very well and make it a great investment. Not many people can manage to do such a thing like the one done by Aziz.


Greg Aziz has a history of leading transformation in the businesses he has worked with. In the 1970s, he was working with a family business which was supplying food products in various parts of Canada and the United States. When he was joining the company, it was just a small company that could not compete with the rest in the food industry. However, after working with this company for a few years, it became the biggest supplier of food in Canada and the United States.


More about Aziz on https://medium.com/@gregoryaziz

HCR Wealth Advisors: Premier Wealth Management

What Is A Wealth Advisor

When your finances are struggling and you’re looking for assistance, some financial advisory firms may not be willing to work with you. HCR Wealth Advisors, a registered investment advisory firm in Los Angeles, has experience with a diverse group of clients. They specialize in rebuilding your finances and helping their clients pay off their debt. HCR Wealth Advisors understands their clients may need counseling to make sound investment decisions or prepare for one of many unexpected financial emergencies as a start-up. There are thousands of reasons to decide to use the smart wealth solutions program for your financial future.

What To Expect From Wealth Solutions

You can expect a comprehensive financial fitness program that is aimed at reshaping your finances. Clients get personalized care that can produce results in as little as 6 months. Each customer is given an opportunity to talk to a professional advisor about your finances. They also focus on your long-term success while helping you realize your dreams of wealth. You’re not stuck living a mediocre lifestyle because there are a range of smart investments to choose from.

When was the last time you gave your finances a checkup? Their comprehensive model gives you an opportunity to become one of the future business leaders of tomorrow. The team of professionals has the training to help you understand how a business plan can help your mid-size corporation gain capital. There are many online tools available to their clients with a compatible electronic device. Secure a comfortable future no matter what life tends to throw your way with a smart financial backup plan. Their team of professionals can safely guide you to a successful future without the empty promises of other financial institutions. Here are the available jobs at HCR Wealth.

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Recap of Papa John’s CEO Apology Letter

Papa John’s is a pizza place that is well-known nationally. It has over 120,000 corporations and franchises all over the world. The company has recently experienced a decline in sales. As a result, the company has decided to take action on improving the customer experience. One of the top-ranking CEO members has written a letter to followers of this pizza franchise.

Steve Ritchie is one of the top-ranked CEO members of Papa John’s. He has worked with the company for 22 years. Steve Ritchie wrote a letter to subscribers of the company about the steps that are being taken to improve the franchise. The company is receiving help from outside experts to improve the culture and diversity of customer experience. This will help customers to feel safe and welcomed in their stores. Steve Ritchie’s letters showed compassion and empathy towards the customers of the franchise. He also points out that the company is not made up of a single person but is established by the support of the customers.

The letter also addresses the hard work and care that goes into the preparations of the food by the employees. Customers will get rid of any suspicion of poor preparations knowing that their food is safely prepared by employees who care. According to finance.yahoo.com, although Steve Ritchie’s did his best to address the customer’s concerns, there was a letter that Steve Ritchie’s wrote before the final letter was released. The previous letter lacked empathy and other key factors that connected the franchise with the customers best interest. Steve Ritchie was informed about this and wrote the second letter to make it more customer oriented.

Despite the noticeable changes, Steve Ritchie Papa Johns‘s letters demonstrated the franchise’s accountability as well as stating the actions that the company is taking to enrich the customer’s experience. Customers will know that the representatives of the franchise cares about their opinion and working towards improving the overall store experiences around the world.


Sahm Adrangi: In Pursuit of Greatness

The name Sahm Adrangi isn’t too familiar in western culture, but the Sahm Adrangi of this article has done some amazing things for western culture. This particular fellow is a New York City-based hedge fund manager. In addition to that, he is the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management. Long-term value investment is what this company specializes in as well as event-driven special situations. Stocks can be a tricky subject to invest in and there is a ton of fraudulent activity that goes on in this particular business. Sahm Adrangi uses Kerrisdale Capital as a person weapon to seek and destroy these criminal operations.

The nation of China ranks very high on the list for fraudulent behavior and many of the companies from this nation tend to do their dirty work online. Pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing scams are everywhere on the internet. Generating revenue online can be very lucrative, which is why so many criminals tend to get into this type of business. Ad fraud is very popular now days, and it’s truly being committed on a daily basis. Clicks conversions and fraudulently representing online advertisements is at an all-time high. Sahm Adrangi uses short activism to find companies that over-value their assets. In other words, certain stock prices should be much lower than what they’re actually worth. Yes, a lot of this information is a bit technical, but Sam Adrangi uses his educational background in investment banking to properly crunch the numbers.

Thanks to his gigantic success in thwarting online fraud, he has become an admired figure, especially in this dynamic field of work. Sam Adrangi, and his company has managed billions of dollars over the course of nine years, but who knows what’s in store for this man in the future.


Business Lessons From Paul Herdsman, Co-founder And COO Of NICE Global

Paul Herdsman is the co-founder and chief operating officer of NICE Global, a company that deals with consumer software and online customer satisfaction. The company has headquarters in Montego Bay, Jamaica. They offer services in marketing, sales, customer support, and general business management operations. NICE Global has been operational since 2014.


Paul Herdsman was born in Jamaica, but by the time he was opening NICE Global offices there, he did not have experience or knowledge on how to run a business in Jamaica. Paul Herdsman’s passion and dedication to seeing the business perform well got him and his partners the desired results. Everything worked out as they would have wanted.


According to Paul Herdsman, NICE Global helps businesses manage their operations for maximum benefits. They offer services that help with customer retention, increasing revenue and lowering operating costs. There are three key elements in every business. If one of them does not work well, the business is likely to see serious growth challenges. Go To This Page for related information.


NICE Global is offering services which many people find rare these days. With automation taking over many operations in businesses, some have even gone to the extent of leaving their customer support desks to automation software. NICE Global does not agree with the practice. Paul Herdsman believes that talking to a real agent is the only way of getting the right customer satisfaction.


NICE Global offer customer support services where customer call and talk to human beings who are ready to listen to the issues they have.


Paul Herdsman is also active on social media such as Twitter, where he shares tips on some of the things businesses should do to keep their businesses running well. One of the important aspects is taking care of the employees. Workers need to be appreciated for the work they do in a business. They should receive the right compensation to motivate them to work hard.


Visit: http://weeklyopinion.com/2018/06/lessons-entrepreneur-paul-herdsman/


HCR Wealth Advisors Puts Clients First

HCR Wealth Advisors provides a wide range of financial advisors and planning services for consumers. With the services offered by HCR Wealth Advisors, individuals will be in position to take advantage of a number or products and services to help meet their needs. These include managing assets, overseeing their investment portfolios, managing their wealth and also providing guidance on how to plan for certain financial goals. Over time, HCR Wealth Advisors has helped consumers successfully plan for major life events such as retirement as well as saving up for college expenses. Like a number of other firms in the industry, HCR Wealth Advisors looks to provide an advantage that makes it a more ideal firm to work with. This distinct advantage is putting the clients first at all times.

As a financial services firm, HCR Wealth Advisors looks to provide excellent service to clients by focusing on their needs and objectives. This allows clients to be more at ease when working with a financial advisor. Many firms have a tendency to make more money off clients by selling them more products and services. While this can benefit a firm, it can also push clients away. Unlike these types of firms, HCR Wealth Advisors does not engage in any upselling and therefore makes sure that each client gets what they want out of their experience working with a financial services firm. As a result, HCR Wealth Advisors has been able to build a very positive reputation among clients over the years.

According to Gazette Day, when you begin working with a financial advisor at HCR Wealth Advisors, you will be assigned to someone who will focus on your needs. They will go over your various financial goals and also find out what you are looking to get out of your experience. After this initial meeting, you will then be offered options that can give you the best chance at achieving your goals. This may include financial securities to invest in, mutual fund plans, life insurance and also retirement savings plans. By going over these things, clients will be in better position to find out what they need in order to achieve financial security and independence. Know more about HCR Wealth’s founder and CEO here.

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