Stream Energy helps Hurricane Harvy victims

Hurricane Harvey devastated large portions of Texas.The natural disaster brought unwanted attention to PastorJoel Olsteen and his Mega church when he refused to open his church’s doors to flood victims. Stream Energy chose a different tactic, however. When the company saw that its friends and neighbors in Texas needed help, it stepped up its philanthropic efforts.

Hurricane Harvey did not make it to a category 5 on the hurricane scale, but it cost as much as Catrina. The two storms are tied for being the costliest cyclones in United States History, according to While the winds from the storm damaged building and knocked out power lines throughout the state, the flooding caused most of the damage. FEMA estimated the damage from the storm at around $125 billion dollars.

If the storm had moved on, as many other cyclones do, it would have caused far less damage. A high pressure system above and below Texas caused the storm to stall over the state for weeks. Many areas of the state that do not normally see floods soon found themselves inundated.

Stream Energy stepped up. The company used its profits to make sure that their neighbors had food and clean water. The direct sales energy company also stepped up when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. It sent aid to the island faster than FEMA and the Trump organization.

Philanthropy may not be Stream Energy’s core goal, but it believes in helping out people in need. Customers of the company also know it specializes in providing affordable energy to its customers. Dallas-based Stream Energy’s philanthropic efforts extend beyond hurricane relief. Texas residents know that the company provides charitable aid to many different community-based organizations. People do not need to suffer over 51 inches of rain from a single storm to receive the company’s community contributions

Greg Aziz Leads Century Old Company On Its Expansion

For businesses, being one that stands the test of time, and which goes on for many years is something remarkable that every entrepreneur hopes to achieve. Most companies do not last for a very long time and often fizzle off after a few years. Very few companies that were founded almost a hundred years ago are still fully functional and operational today, and National Steel Car is one of them. National Steel Car is a Canadian company that is one of the largest producers of rolling stock. The company is over a hundred years old and has been fully operational since the 1900s. For a company that has stood the test of time, maintaining their number one position in the industry might be hard, but not for National Steel Car. The company has managed to consistently stay at the top of the competition by implementing innovation as and when it comes along. Being a rolling stock company, the use of technology is at an all-time high, and developing this has benefited the company immensely.  See This Page for more information.


Currently, the company is being headed by Greg Aziz. Greg is seen as one of the most influential people at the enterprise and is looked up to as a mentor and a guide. He is a people’s person who believes in motivating others rather than commanding them so that they perform well at their jobs. By driving people, Greg Aziz has managed to gain a stellar reputation for being one of the best leaders that National Steel Car could ask for. Greg Aziz has brought along numerous new ideas to the company which has aided their development significantly. These ideas have helped the company develop, and have taken them to new heights. Today, National Steel Car is not just one of the top producers in Canada but is also fully operational in the United States as well.

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Greg Aziz started working at National Steel Car much later in his career. Before that, he worked with his family, managing their family business. This endeavor was one who gave Greg Aziz an incredible amount of experience and made it so that he could use this at any point in time during his career. After working with his family for a set period, Greg decided that it was time to move over to a different sector. Finance seemed to be the most appealing to him, which is why he decided to work on Wall Street, which is where he met National Steel Car.

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Todd Lubar’s Perception of the Famed Baltimore Real Estate Industry

Baltimore’s development agenda concerning the rapid growth in the real estate industry is currently buzzing in the national news. Todd Lubar who is the current esteemed President of TDL Global Venture, LLC has been actively involved in Baltimore real estate fixture. Todd concisely pinpoints the development of the region’s real estate industry. Baltimore has been trending for having both business owners and talented real estate developers in the Charm City. The well-known trend in Baltimore is the construction of chic apartment buildings from historic landmarks and older buildings like Under Armour based at 10 Light Street. Under Armour transformed the ground level into training centers and gyms.

The Merits of Baltimore’s Expansion

According to Patch, Baltimore’s transformation in the real estate industry has attracted many millennial who prefer the region’s affordable prices compared to Washington D.C. Moreover, the development of the industry has lowered the rates of unemployment and increased wages. Baltimore also provides good opportunities for young professionals to engage in start-up companies. This is because of the surrounding supportive community and the abundance of talented entrepreneurs. Check out Medium to know more.

Harbor East has used its diverse dining options and top-notch shopping to attract young professionals. New constructions are ongoing in the area to provide people with several condominiums. This is because of the expensive apartment and condominium option that are currently available. Harbor East is planning to expand its operations through establishing new shops and restaurants in the prime real estate.

Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is currently the famed President of TDL Global Venture, LLC and Legendary Investments’ Sr. VP. Todd has also held leadership positions at Legacy Financial group and Crestar Mortgage Corporation. His marvelous experience of 20 years in real estate has enabled him to satisfy the needs of homeowners. Moreover, he has been listed among the top leading 25 mortgage originators in the whole nation.

Todd Lubar has served as the Sr. VP at the Arizona-based Charter Funding where he continues to serve the community. Todd has diverse experiences in the entertainment industry, mortgage banking, and construction. After resigning from Charter Funding, he joined Priority Financial services where he engaged in mortgage banking. Todd now owns the night club industry, Demolition Industry, the real estate development industry, and the recycling industry.


Nathaniel Ru Is Behind the Revolution In the Fast Food Industry

A new model for fast food is being created, and it is being done by the founders of Sweetgreen. It has everything people these days are looking for in food. It is healthy, organic, it is local, and it is fresh. In fact, there are long lines at all of the forty locations that Sweetgreens has around the country. According to the co-CEO of Sweetgreens, Nathaniel Ru, they are creating a brand that stands for something.


Not only are they making a revolution in the fast food industry by creating food that is healthy and organic, they are also creating a revolution when it comes to fast food and technology. Around thirty percent of all orders from Sweetgreen are made online, either via a browser or through their mobile app. Learn more:


Management of the chain is another area where they are creating a revolution. First of all, they do not even have a main office. Instead, they have offices on both sides of the country working together. This way, they can get a feel for each location and its needs. Even more than that, every year for five days, the offices shut down and the people from the offices work in actual Sweetgreen stores. This helps them get a feel for what being in the store actually feels like so that they can relate to it. Learn more:


Nathaniel Ru founded Sweetgreen together with two of his friends that he met at Georgetown University. They are all immigrants. They started Sweetgreen when they realized that there were no healthy eating places at Georgetown. Interestingly, they all took a class in entrepreneurship.


Nathaniel Ru studied at the Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, where he graduated with a BS in Finance in 2007. In that same year, he founded Sweetgreen with two of his friends from the University. They also launched Sweetlife in 2010, which is the largest food and music festival in the country. More than twenty thousand people attend each time. They have the best music professionals and food chefs available to make the event a success.


Sweetgreen has over sixty seven stores and employs over one thousand and seven hundred workers. They offer in their stores produce from three hundred farms. Everything is kept as fresh, as organic and as local as possible. They have rotational menus for each season. They like simple recipes with natural flavors and try not to use any processed stuff.


Adam Milstein Describes how Jews and Christians can Work together to Stamp out Antisemitism

Adam Milstein is a a famous and highly visible Israeli-American pro-Israel activist. He and his wife, Gila have their own charitable foundation that is called the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. It supports pro-Israel causes as well as groups that fight against antisemitism both at home and abroad.

Mr. Milstein works in the real estate business and was a highly successful real estate broker. He is now a managing partner at a real estate firm located in Encino, California. Adam also contributes to both the Jerusalem Post and the Huffington Post on topics that involve policies towards Israel, Judaism, Jewish culture and antisemitism. Below is a short summary of an article Adam Milstein published alongside pastor Samuel Rodriguez.

How Christians And Jews Can Unite To Eliminate Antisemitism

Adam Milstein begins the article by saying that Christians and Christianity have come along way to eliminating the antisemitism that was once prevalent among Christian nations. The church for example, has stopped teaching replacement theology. This is the idea that Christians became God’s chosen people when the Jews were scattered from their homeland. Christianity now views Judaism as a separate but related sister faith with similar roots and ideas such as one supreme loving god.

These steps are major progress from the programs, inquisitions, state discrimination and holocaust of the past which was perpetrated in part by Christian intolerance and antisemitism against the Jews. Today antisemitism is no where near levels where it once was and it is now against the law to discriminate against Jews. Still, Adam Milstein now warns that anti-semtitism is making a comeback in Europe and the United States. A survey cited by Milstein says that about a quarter of Europe’s population has some kind of anti-Semitic sentiment. Such feelings are also being increasingly witnessed in the United States.

The way to beat back the rising antisemitism that we are now seeing is to take a firm stand. Milstein says that the BDS movement is just one example of antisemitism that is taking root in the United States and Europe that must be stamped out. It is led by radical left wing groups and radical Islamic groups whose aim is to isolate, delegitimize, boycott and ultimately destroy Israel with propaganda and economic and political pressure. The far left and radical Islamists are a threat to both Jews and Christians as well as Western values. This is why Milstein calls for Christians and Jews to unite to stamp out the BDS movement and the rising tide of antisemitism in the world today.