Securus Technologies is Gearing Up to Top the Historical Year it had in 2017

Securus Technologies continues to be one of the most innovative tech companies in the industry. With drones becoming more and more popular in the tech world, Securus has decided to get in on the action. Drones have become a real issue for correctional facility security. Drones have been known to carry and deliver a variety of illegal contraband to prisons. Therefore, Securus has announced its drone pilot program was successful. The program’s mission is to combat the serious threats posed by these devices. The program hinges on the use of drone detection technology. Securus is very serious about stopping the negative effects drones have on their security as it has spent a year and a half evaluating the technology and potential partners.


While Securus realizes the technology is still new and relatively unproven it is very optimistic. The company believes the tech will only get better with time as they learn from their mistakes and shortcomings. With this new technology Securus is once again proving why it is a leading provider of technology-enabled solutions for public safety, law enforcement, investigations, and corrections.


So far 2018 has been a very good year for the prison technology company. This year alone Securus has brought home three Stevie Awards for sales and outstanding customer service. Winning three Stevie Awards is a monumental accomplishment as it helps set the precedence for top customer service, contact center, business development and sales professionals. It is responsible for organizing some of the world’s most prominent business awards programs. Hundreds of executives attended the event from across the globe.


There were 89 categories for customer service and 60 for sales. Winners were determined by seven specialized judging committees. Securus continues to roll coming off its best year in its history in 2017. The Stevie Awards are confirmation that the company continues to move in the right direction.


About Securus Technologies


Securus technologies serves well over 3,000 public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies throughout the nation. It is the premiere prison technology company committed to a goal of making correction facilities as secure as possible, while making sure inmates have access to certain luxuries.


Securus Technology: Pioneer of Multi-faceted Approach to Prison Management

Securus Technologies is a company that provides technological solution to help with investigations, maintaining peace, and public safety. It is a prison-based company in America, and serves most of correctional facilities in the United States. The Chairman of Securus is Richard Smith and has a team that is dedicated to finding solutions to everyday problems. Recently, Securus created technological solutions for correctional facilities to help in maintaining security. Prison officials from various facilities who have used these solutions gave responses regarding the effectiveness of Securus Technologies.


Customized Service Delivery: Customer Feedbacks


Securus Technologies enabled one user to gain information from phone calls, which helped in obtaining a search warrant for the individual. Without the help of Securus Technologies, it would have been impossible to catch the suspect. Securus Technologies enable calls monitoring, and this is helpful during investigations. Calls made by suspicious inmates were monitored to determine whether they are using alcohol and drugs. During the process, officials also heard conversations about illegal money transfer and this helped in prosecuting the two.

Calls monitoring solution is useful in catching suspects and solving cases.




Correctional facilities depend on Securus Technology solutions and it is pleasing to see the commitment of the company towards helping prisons. Moreover, the reporting data has improved prisons’ proactive approaches in monitoring and stopping cases of contrabands in correctional facilities. The covert alert feature also enables officials to catch, and arrest suspects.


More Feedback


Securus solutions are vital in maintaining law and order. It is now possible to listen to inmate to inmate calls, and record suspicious activities. Prison officials no longer worry about being caught unaware by inmates. The use of LBS software alongside other measures helps in detecting illegal things in cells. They help in recovering stolen items and money. Securus Technologies should continue inventing solutions for correctional facilities.


Securus Receives Accreditation from Better Business Bureau

Securus Technologies Company is one of the leading providers of technology to the inmate facilities across the United States and some parts of North American including Canada. For the company, they are never afraid of solving the problems facing their clients in a manner that is not capacitated in the business world. This is perhaps the reason why the company is always on an upward trend. For the company, their assimilation process has also depicted their ascension. For this reason, we are going to achieve better business solutions in a manner that is not capacitated in the business world. Few companies are seeking better business solutions for their clients.


Few companies in the world are looking forward to assimilating their better business values in a manner that is not capacitated in the business world. For this reason, we will achieve the most sophisticated business solution if we don’t achieve what the world has to set for us. Securus Technologies Company is also considered as one of the fastest growing companies in the inmate industry. Perhaps this is the reason why they intended to solve most of the problems they face in the industry. Securus Technologies Company has played a trend for all to follow.


Securus Technologies Company has also announced their accreditation by the Dallas-based Better Business Bureau that works by associating their independence capabilities for a brighter future. For the company, they have always astonished the world with their assimilation processes. This is perhaps the reason why their services are adopted on a massive scale in the inmate industry. Securus Technologies Company was accredited with the highest honors and grade because they are committed to customer satisfaction levels in the industry for a better business solution. According to the CEO of the company, the accreditation comes to them in the middle of their major expansion sessions.


How Securus Technologies Mitigates Crimes in Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is a leading telecommunications firm that offers outstanding technology solutions to correctional facilities in North America. The products that are provided by the company are used in prisons for investigations, public safety, monitoring, and corrections. In 2016, the company released some comments that it was getting from several clients who used its technology in solving and preventing crimes. Securus has been receiving emails and formal letters from different prisons that it serves across the United States. The comments that it has received are mostly from various officials who have been put in charge of ensuring that the incarceration environment is safe for all inmates.


According to the Securus Technologies CEO, Rick Smith, the company creates a new technology that can be used in preventing crimes in the correctional facilities every week. He said that the firm had been appreciated through thousands of emails and letter for its role in keeping inmate, parolees, their families, and the rest of the society safe. Smith believes that the company is devoted to developing highly secure products.


The clients who wrote to Securus Technologies had different reasons to thank it. One of them said that the safe phone call service that it offers enabled the correctional facility to secure a search warrant for a corrupt official. This assisted the prison in arresting the employee for offering inmates access to contraband items. Another letter that the firm received thanked it for helping in monitoring calls that had information about threats, access to cell phones, inmate alcohol use, selling drugs in prison, money transfers, and shots being fired.


Many other users of Securus Technologies products thanked it for its support in investigations and monitoring to ensure safety in prison. The company has more than 3450 clients that are located across North America. Other services that it offers include incident management, investigation, inmate self-service, biometric analysis, and emergency response.


Securus Technologies Has Found The Way To Keep Corrections Safer

Securus Technologies provides real solutions in the corrections industry. Their superior technology has come through once again. This time they have developed the Wireless Containment Solution. They have found a way to stop all illegal cell phones inside of the prisons from being able to connect to any mobile network. Their solution has numerous benefits. All illegal access to the network comes to an end. The identity of the cell phone used is collected. The data needed to help investigate these actions is available and used to support corrections in correctly solving and putting a final stop to the crime being committed.


Rick Smith is the CEO for Securus Technologies. He belief is an extremely proactive stand must be taken to tighten security and stop the unauthorized communications inside the jails and prisons in the system. The Wireless Containment Solutions are being used because they are effective. Cellular communications must be controlled and the laws upheld.


The other providers have tried to solve the problem. They are simply not equipped to be able to find a solution. They do not have the technology or the expertise of Securus Technologies. The only solution they have found can identify that yes there is a signal from a cell phone but they can’t prevent the signal from reaching the network. All this does is waste a whole lot of money and valuable time. The lives of the inmates are still left at risk. With the prevention of the signal many lives are being protected. All of the people in society and the friends, family and victims of the inmates.


Rick Smith understands the problem and knows they have found the solution. The Wireless Containment Solution still lets any authorized calls go through. It just prevents the illegal calls made in the areas of the prison that needs to be controlled. The illegal calls are simply shut down. Each individual corrections agency has the ability to customize this solution to fit their specific requirements.


Securus is always hearing from their clients about the problem of contraband cellphones. The threat is enormous because the criminals can conduct their business right out of prison. Securus has stopped this criminal activity by preventing the inmates from being able to use illegal cellphones. Their clients are now much safer whether they are inside or outside of the prisons.


Securus Technologies is about achieving the highest quality and standards in criminal justice. They provide the services necessary to make and keep the world safer. They focus all of their experience and technology on what matters the most.

Securus Technology Commitment to Stopping Violence and Crime Through Their Technology

When we hear Securus Technology is launching or working on a project, we are certain that the new technology will create a huge impact on our country. For so many years, the company has been coming and developing technologies that have saved the company money and reduced crime in our communities. The company has received acclamation and applause for their work and an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau for their involvement in protecting law and justice.

According to an article posted by the PR News, the company has received numerous emails and letters commending the company for their new technology and how much impact it has had on them. These emails and letters have been kept unanimous in order to protect them. From the letters, there has been so much criminal cases going on in the prison cells with the inmates and even some of the wardens. However the software has been able to capture them on camera and they have received their punishments.

Secures Technology has specialized in providing services to inmates correctional facilities and the justice system. Their technologies ensure that the inmates are put behind bars for the right reason and that they get proper treatment in the prisons. In order to do so, the company announced that they had signed an agreement to purchase JPay Inc. a company which is also involved in offering prison facilities with technological services that enhance the facilities.

Securus Technology has been competent and consistent in their quality services to their clients. The company’s chief executive officer Smith, agrees that the company will continue to provide services to their clients and make sure that their safety is never compromised. The crime rates have decreased in the prison cells and the company guarantees that these cases will be dealt with and come to an end.