NGP VAN Making 2018 an Even Greater Year

Knowing how busy 2017 was a with the election coming up and campaign was heating up .Voters and supporters came out in millions to make sure the future they had seen is was attained. In 2017 NGP VAN worked with the people involved to ensure democratic success, coming out for the women’s march after the elections and raising awareness during canvassing activities.

The video inspires those who were involved not to give up the fight while encouraging prospective volunteers to take a stand for the democratic cause. the energy from the mass demonstration in strategic places was then converted into politics to make sure the person that represented the ideal goals and core values was elected. Even though the results didn’t go according to plan, NGP VAN encouraged the public to hold an optimistic head because the vigor and perseverance shown was putting the republicans under pressure.

The efforts of the volunteers were applauded from the long and late nights, multiple phone calls and door to door pitching. NGP VAN recognizes the achievements the people made when they went out to vote on November 2017 winning the popular vote. As a company they can’t wait to be involved with the people again, pushing agendas to benefit the public while having the best interests of the country at heart. For some people it was the first time they went to vote and for others, it was also the first time actively participating in an election either through demonstrations or public speaking. That shows the industrial nature of the citizens of the United States taking the bull by the horn and pursuing a target with all their might and strength. NGP VAN is going to be with the people in future demonstrations and mass gatherings to ensure 2018 is a year of greater achievements and success..