Rodrigo Terpin: Following the Footsteps of his Elder Brother, Michel Terpins, and His Father, Jack Terpins

Rally sports lovers who have been watching Brazilian rallies have heard the name Rodrigo for countless times. After Two brothers, Rodrigo Terpin and Michel Terpin have for several years been entertaining rally lovers with magnificent displays and unprecedented levels of performance. The two drivers are sons of Jack Terpin alias Jackao, a popular legendary basketball player who played for Hebraica in the 60s into the 70s. Just like their father impressed during his active playing days, Michel and Rodrigo impress in the sports world of today. Theirs is a case of having an undying passion for sports and an unquenchable thirst for success. Jack is now a renowned businessman in Brazil, and to this end, his success in the field serves as proof that success runs in the family’s blood.

The Serteos Rally

Just like his father, Rodrigo Terpins is doing impressively well in the real estate sector. Among the traits that Rodrigo shares with his father include dedication, passion, and commitment to whatever they do. When racing in a tournament, Rodrigo Terpin ensures that the legacy of his father does not only live but is also improved. In June this year, Rodrigo was among the high-profile competitors for the Serteos Rally. The rally was being held for its 22nd time in Brazil and was cutting through a handful of states. With more than 2600 kilometers to cover and seven stages to compete in, the Serteos Rally is one of the biggest off-road events not only in Brazil and South America but also in the whole world. Rodrigo was the lead driver of the Bull Sertões Rally Team. For more details visit LinkedIn.

With the high-profile participants taking part in the rally, making it to a podium position was a huge task for everyone. Those who were marking their debuts were eliminated at early stages, but for the case of Rodrigo, he was able to lead his team to glory. Flanked by his co-driver Fabrício Bianchini, Rodrigo bossed the Prototypes T1 and got a medal. For the overall race, the duo came eighth ahead of 30 other competitors. In an interview after the race, Terpins acknowledged the contribution of his ten-member Bull Sertões Rally Team in the success.

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