Copa Star Hospital: Bringing World Class Service to Rio

The Copa Star Hospital is a world-class hospital located in Copacabana. This is in the southern area of Rio de Janeiro. It was opened in November 2016 after three years of construction. It has seven floors. The hospital design is heralded for its resemblance to a five-star hotel which is in line with the vision that the owners had. The hospital offers autonomy to patients through the smart hospitality system that it has incorporated. iPads are available to patients. They get to communicate with the doctors and nurses directly. This is helpful because patients can call for medical assistance at the touch of a button.

The devices also allow patients to control the ambiance of the room by adjusting the lights and the curtains. It cost R $ 400 million to construct the world class hospital that was started to cater to residents of Rio who had to travel to Sao Paulo for healthcare services. Jorge Moll is the founder of Rede D’Or Sao Luiz and the developers of the hospital. Jorge pointed out that Copa Star combined quality care and complex surgical equipment to offer quality treatment. He also mentioned that they strived to create an environment where technology could be used to better the services they offered to patients. The hospital contains several hybrid rooms, intelligent operating rooms, and neurosurgery rooms that have integrated magnetic resonance equipment. They also make use of telemedicine and robotic medicine to offer revolutionary healthcare to patients. View the design at RafArquitetura.Com

There are 230 works of art on the walls of the lobby of the hospital to create a calming environment when visitors enter the hospital. The hospital has an internal aromatization project that ensures the corridors have a welcoming scent. The staff at the hospital are accommodated nearby so that they are as near as possible to their patients. The staff was trained for close to three months on how to use the facilities and the equipment. They were thoroughly prepared to deal with every type of emergency situation. The team was instructed about the kind of clothes and makeup that they were supposed to wear when attending to patients. The staff comprises of more than 100 doctors and 400 other employees. Employees who work in other departments including maintenance, billing, clothing, and supply operate from a separate but nearby building.

It is easy to think that the Copa Star was developed for private patients only, but they accept all forms of payment including health insurance. The hospital boasts of a world-class restaurant that prepares personalized meals for each patient. The owners of the hospital are thinking of trying this concept on other hospitals around the country. Visit their profile page on Facebook

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