Daniel Taub: Solution for Middle East crises

Daniel Taub, the former ambassador of Israeli to the United Kingdom performed excellently as an ambassador. When he took over the office, he wanted to do something that has never been done by anyone else in the history of Israel.

He wanted to serve with diligence and enable the two countries to accomplish the goals that they intended to accomplish. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://frenchtribune.com/avis/25611-ambassador-daniel-taub-unravels-balfour-declaration

The good thing is that at the end of his term, he had accomplished then successfully. Daniel Taub took the relationship between the two countries to another level.

One thing that he is happy about is that he made Israel double its trade with the U.K. to him. This alone was good enough reason to define his term as a success

Daniel Taub also took the opportunity to help the world understand some of the things that were happening in the Middle East regarding the Middle East crisis. Daniel Taub had participated extensively in the search for peace agreements in the area. He knows what is needed to make the areas attain a peace agreement that will last.

The bad thing is that the countries in the region plus the United Nations have not cooperated with the promises made during the signing of peace agreements.

There has been a peace agreement that was reached between Israel and Palestine, but it did not last for long because Palestine withdrew from the peace agreement.

Daniel Taub insists that there is a need for the participating countries in peace resolution meetings to uphold their end of the bargain. The United Nations has also failed Israel. It has promised to intervene and stop arms trade to the Gaza terror group.

Despite the promise, they have not done it, and as a result, Israel has decided to take the matter into their own hands and stop the terror groups from using the arms to attack Israel. Read more:

The outside world needs to know that Israel is more concerned with its security than anything else. As long as the security of their territory is under threat, they won’t support any agreement.

They are dedicated to establishing peace deals like the one done with Egypt or even Jordan. Since these peace deals were signed, no country has failed to comply.

Daniel Taub is optimistic about the future of the region though. The countries in the region have started to blend their interests despite the difference between the Arabs and the Jews.

Daniel Taub insists there is cooperation that is apparent among countries such as Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Gulf of states, and Saudi Arabia.