Interesting Education Program: Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a company based out of Redwood City, California. The company is a public elementary charter school. Rocketship serves those in lower income areas, whom do not have access to authentic quality schools. The company was initiated in 2006 and is nonprofit. The company’s motto is to provide a substantial education to students.

Rocketship Education is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. The company focuses on mending the gap of education by creating a school model that is scalable and maintainable. Rocketship was initiated by Preston Smith and John Danner. They started their first school in San Jose, California, during 2007. The students who attended Rocketship subsequently scored as high students who attended Palo Alto Schools. This accomplishment created recognition for Rocketship Education as a substantial and authentic establisment.

Proceeding this accomplishment, Rocketship quickly expanded their efforts and opened six more charter schools. This was done over a five-year period in the San Jose area. Proceeding this event, Danner left the company, and Preston Smith was named CEO. Rocketship Education subsequently opened schools in other regions of the country. The locations included Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Nashville, Tennessee. Rocketship also expanded efforts to Washington, D.C in 2016.

Many of Rocketship’s establishments receive funding from Andre Agassi, a former tennis pro who has his own charter school fund called “Agassi Charter School Facilities.” During February 2015, the CEO of Netflix donated $2 million to Rocketship Education. The Obama team also invested $2 million in Rocketship. During 2017, Rocketship Education formally changed their name.

Techbridge and Women in Technology from eBay linked with Rocketship during 2016 to facilitate a program that allowed a group of fifth-grade students from San Jose to subsequently visit eBay’s global headquarters.

During 2017, Rocketship launched a program called QueenHype. QueenHype is an empowerment program for girls and young women, focusing on communication. The program was initiated at Discovery Prep.

Rocketship uses a specific prototype called the “hybrid” prototype. Utilizing a combination of online learning, classroom teaching and group tutoring. Rocketship worked with Team America, a organization that offers college students teaching positions.