Jacob Gottlieb the Investment Guru.

A poker game for most hedge fund managers is a way of showing off their skills, but for Jacob, he uses the game as a means of meeting up friends who are fellow hedge fund managers. The game is usually informal and takes place is either of the friend’s house and lasts for hours. The discussions that typically go on are about the management of a hedge company where they share their ideas.

The art of business building is a passion for Jacob, a former doctor before getting in the financial world. Visiam Asset Management is a company founded by Jacob that manages over 3 billion US dollars in assets. Visium balanced fund is a product of the company that has generated 15.6% return since its establishment. Despite its success, Jacob has a plan to transform the company into a multi-product, multi-strategy powerhouse to rival the most successful managers in hedge fund industry.

Jacob Gottlieb is a graduate of economics from Brown University based in Rhode Island, Dr. Gottlieb also attended the New York University Medical school receiving M.D. degree. Jacob was an intern at St. Vincent’s Hospital, New York which he later quit to continue his passion in the finance industry.

Jacob is the Chief Investment officer and Management Partner at Visium Assets Management, a company which he founded in 2005. Before establishing Visium Jacob was a founding associate of Balyasny Asset Management. Jacob raised in Brooklyn, New York with his younger brothers after the parents emigrated from Poland. Jacob’s father is an economics professor while the mother is a pediatrician the fascination he had for both professions saw him pursue them.

Jacob Gottlieb is a baseball fan and during his youth applied the trade of collecting baseball cards. During Jacob’s seventh grade he won by selecting winning stocks which saw his father opening an investment account for Jacob. Jacob has a unique insight on choosing the right profession as both surgeons and fund managers have the same characteristics of taking risks.

Dr. Gottlieb works with homeless children with Covenant House helping save the lives of homeless, trafficked and runaway children. Covenant House offers the young individuals with basic needs such as housing currently reaching over 80,000 youths annually.