Securus Technologies Has Found The Way To Keep Corrections Safer

Securus Technologies provides real solutions in the corrections industry. Their superior technology has come through once again. This time they have developed the Wireless Containment Solution. They have found a way to stop all illegal cell phones inside of the prisons from being able to connect to any mobile network. Their solution has numerous benefits. All illegal access to the network comes to an end. The identity of the cell phone used is collected. The data needed to help investigate these actions is available and used to support corrections in correctly solving and putting a final stop to the crime being committed.


Rick Smith is the CEO for Securus Technologies. He belief is an extremely proactive stand must be taken to tighten security and stop the unauthorized communications inside the jails and prisons in the system. The Wireless Containment Solutions are being used because they are effective. Cellular communications must be controlled and the laws upheld.


The other providers have tried to solve the problem. They are simply not equipped to be able to find a solution. They do not have the technology or the expertise of Securus Technologies. The only solution they have found can identify that yes there is a signal from a cell phone but they can’t prevent the signal from reaching the network. All this does is waste a whole lot of money and valuable time. The lives of the inmates are still left at risk. With the prevention of the signal many lives are being protected. All of the people in society and the friends, family and victims of the inmates.


Rick Smith understands the problem and knows they have found the solution. The Wireless Containment Solution still lets any authorized calls go through. It just prevents the illegal calls made in the areas of the prison that needs to be controlled. The illegal calls are simply shut down. Each individual corrections agency has the ability to customize this solution to fit their specific requirements.


Securus is always hearing from their clients about the problem of contraband cellphones. The threat is enormous because the criminals can conduct their business right out of prison. Securus has stopped this criminal activity by preventing the inmates from being able to use illegal cellphones. Their clients are now much safer whether they are inside or outside of the prisons.


Securus Technologies is about achieving the highest quality and standards in criminal justice. They provide the services necessary to make and keep the world safer. They focus all of their experience and technology on what matters the most.

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