Securus Technologies is Gearing Up to Top the Historical Year it had in 2017

Securus Technologies continues to be one of the most innovative tech companies in the industry. With drones becoming more and more popular in the tech world, Securus has decided to get in on the action. Drones have become a real issue for correctional facility security. Drones have been known to carry and deliver a variety of illegal contraband to prisons. Therefore, Securus has announced its drone pilot program was successful. The program’s mission is to combat the serious threats posed by these devices. The program hinges on the use of drone detection technology. Securus is very serious about stopping the negative effects drones have on their security as it has spent a year and a half evaluating the technology and potential partners.


While Securus realizes the technology is still new and relatively unproven it is very optimistic. The company believes the tech will only get better with time as they learn from their mistakes and shortcomings. With this new technology Securus is once again proving why it is a leading provider of technology-enabled solutions for public safety, law enforcement, investigations, and corrections.


So far 2018 has been a very good year for the prison technology company. This year alone Securus has brought home three Stevie Awards for sales and outstanding customer service. Winning three Stevie Awards is a monumental accomplishment as it helps set the precedence for top customer service, contact center, business development and sales professionals. It is responsible for organizing some of the world’s most prominent business awards programs. Hundreds of executives attended the event from across the globe.


There were 89 categories for customer service and 60 for sales. Winners were determined by seven specialized judging committees. Securus continues to roll coming off its best year in its history in 2017. The Stevie Awards are confirmation that the company continues to move in the right direction.


About Securus Technologies


Securus technologies serves well over 3,000 public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies throughout the nation. It is the premiere prison technology company committed to a goal of making correction facilities as secure as possible, while making sure inmates have access to certain luxuries.