Eric Lefkofsky is a Revered Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Success is something of great importance. Since some people worldwide are less unfortunate, people like Eric Lefkofsky have dedicated some of their time and money towards philanthropy. When it comes to philanthropy, Eric Lefkofsky is the man behind the founding of the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. Together with his wife Liz Lefkofsky, they have been able to run the foundation successfully. The foundation was founded in 2006, and it is still up and running to date. Among the initiatives that the Lefkofsky Family Foundation has been able to take part in are such as;


Health is of great importance globally to every human being. The Lefkofsky foundation has majored in supporting various forms of research that are dedicated to finding treatments and maybe a cure for lung cancer, thyroid cancer, leukemia. Disbursing funds to the various medical centers in Chicago is a great move towards supporting the various forms of research. Far from engaging in research, the funds are also dedicated to ensuring that children in the various medical institutions in Chicago are accorded proper medical attention.


Apart from supporting various forms of research, Eric and Liz Lefkofsky have also been supporting various initiatives that are education based in Chicago. They mainly support educational programs through the disbursement of scholarship programs to the less fortunate in the society. All in all, children are the future of tomorrow’s society. As long as they have access to education among other amenities, they are guaranteed to have a bright future thereby ascertaining that tomorrow’s future will be bright too.

Additional Information

Apart from being a philanthropist, Eric Lefkofsky is also the co-founder of Tempus. Far from being the co-founder, Eric is also the current serving chief executive officer of Tempus. Tempus is a technology-based company that dedicates its resources towards finding a cure and suitable treatments for cancer. To be specific, the company deals in clinical and molecular data and the data is easily accessible.


Well, apart from being a technology enthusiast, Eric Lefkofsky has also been noted as being a renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist. By giving back to the society of Chicago, Eric has been able to change the lives of many in a positive manner.