The Roots of the Frontera Fund

October 18th in 2007 isn’t a nice memory for Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. That night was actually quite a harrowing and distressing experience for the men. Armed police officers showed up at their residences late at night. These people were part of the “Selective Enforcement Unit” that was set up by Joe Arpaio, the sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona. Handcuffs were put on Larkin and Lacey. Arrests took place. These two people were part of the Village Voice Media leadership team. They had no option to be exit their residential properties. They both resided in the Phoenix region. They were pushed into vehicles that had windows that were dark. The vehicles’ license plates were issued in Mexico as well.


Arpaio was the individual who was behind these troubling arrests. He referred to himself as being the strongest sheriff in the United States. He had a history of feeling upset by the content that was seen in the Phoenix New Times. This publication regularly featured news items that told the planet all about his questionable behavioral habits. The well-known publication often talked about how Arpaio may have promoted prejudice against the Mexican people in the state. Standard papers at the time took a totally different approach. They often acted like Arpaio was simply a quirky individual, nothing more and nothing less. Phoenix New Times frequently went into monetary discrepancies that were seemingly par for the course in Arpaio’s office. It frequently went into awful living environments that were typical inside of the correctional facilities that Arpaio ran. The paper even discussed inmate abuse and fatalities. A couple of other big topics for the Phoenix New Times were lack of justice for the local Hispanic world and racial assessments.


Larkin and Lacey experienced their arrests as the result of a big feature that was part of the Phoenix New Times. This feature talked about grand jury subpoenas that aimed to find out information about the Phoenix New Times crew. Larkin and Lacey’s disturbing arrests got significant traction all around the United States. They, because of that, only had to remain in prison for a relatively brief period of time. They weren’t even incarcerated for a full day.


Lacey has confidence in the individuals who reside in Arizona. He knows that these people can do wonderful things. Lacey states that people are migrants without exception. Larkin and Lacey back people who come from other nations.