Todd Lubar’s Perception of the Famed Baltimore Real Estate Industry

Baltimore’s development agenda concerning the rapid growth in the real estate industry is currently buzzing in the national news. Todd Lubar who is the current esteemed President of TDL Global Venture, LLC has been actively involved in Baltimore real estate fixture. Todd concisely pinpoints the development of the region’s real estate industry. Baltimore has been trending for having both business owners and talented real estate developers in the Charm City. The well-known trend in Baltimore is the construction of chic apartment buildings from historic landmarks and older buildings like Under Armour based at 10 Light Street. Under Armour transformed the ground level into training centers and gyms.

The Merits of Baltimore’s Expansion

According to Patch, Baltimore’s transformation in the real estate industry has attracted many millennial who prefer the region’s affordable prices compared to Washington D.C. Moreover, the development of the industry has lowered the rates of unemployment and increased wages. Baltimore also provides good opportunities for young professionals to engage in start-up companies. This is because of the surrounding supportive community and the abundance of talented entrepreneurs. Check out Medium to know more.

Harbor East has used its diverse dining options and top-notch shopping to attract young professionals. New constructions are ongoing in the area to provide people with several condominiums. This is because of the expensive apartment and condominium option that are currently available. Harbor East is planning to expand its operations through establishing new shops and restaurants in the prime real estate.

Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is currently the famed President of TDL Global Venture, LLC and Legendary Investments’ Sr. VP. Todd has also held leadership positions at Legacy Financial group and Crestar Mortgage Corporation. His marvelous experience of 20 years in real estate has enabled him to satisfy the needs of homeowners.

Todd Lubar has served as the Sr. VP at the Arizona-based Charter Funding where he continues to serve the community. Todd has diverse experiences in the entertainment industry, mortgage banking, and construction. After resigning from Charter Funding, he joined Priority Financial services where he engaged in mortgage banking.


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