Well-Researched and Revolutionized Product by Jeunesse Energizes the Mind

Choosing a product for the best quality can be a thorough and detailed process, and the researchers that develop Jeunesse products understand detail. When researchers developed M1ND, an exclusive dietary supplement by Jeunesse, there was rigorous effort put into making sure the product was clinically-proven before reaching consumers.

Because of the daily stress and busy lifestyles, people tend to become distracted with too much information. Whether it’s through technology, careers or social activities, the attention of a person can become overloaded. Researchers discovered that the distractions caused adverse consequences on the brain. Through careful and methodical analysis of silk worm cocoons, Jeunesse was able to develop the sensational product M1ND. Eastern medicine researchers chose ingredients that support clarity of thought, attention span and concentration.

M1ND is a revolutionized dietary supplement that has been clinically tested for safety and effectiveness. With ingredients like L- Theanine and CERA-Q, customers can have a clearer mind that lasts throughout the day for peak mental awareness. M1ND has been designed to:

  • Reduce mental distractions.
  • Increase brain function for higher performance.
  • Provide for greater memory.
  • Allow longer attention spans.
  • Create mind sharpness.
  • Increase mental concentration.

The exclusive product has a delicious robust lemon meringue flavor that burst onto the taste buds to provide the full benefits of mental stamina. The convenient travel size one-ounce packet is all that is needed to achieve the results that can be put to immediate use to completely remove a lethargic mindset. With the use of M1ND, customers remember names and facts better, respond to people with better clarity, and reduce interference of the mind that hinder progress.

M1ND was created to coincide with the vision of Jeunesse founders Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, for people to live a thriving lifestyle. The founding partners chose products such as M1ND, and many others, because they want people to achieve their highest potential and become all that that truly can become in life. Their successful partnership has lasted for decades, and in 2009, they both chose to start Jeunesse after being retired. The company is globally recognized for empowering the lives of all generations.