What Should you Know About Vijay Eswaran?

Vijay Eswaran is not just an entrepreneur. He is an economist who created a multi-million dollar business that is now global. He is an author. He loves to give back to the world at large. He has excelled in the fields of leadership and personal development. His works are worth the read.

Vijay Eswaran is the author of the best-selling book In the Sphere of Silence. His new book Two Minutes from the Abyss is published by Networking Times Press.

The business philosophies that have led to his success include the concept that one should live for the moment. You could go into the abyss at any moment, so why not live every moment to its fullest? He also believes that to lead is to serve. An organization is only as strong as the individuals that it is made up of. He has a viewpoint that serving others is more important than oneself.

The core values that Dr.Eswaran talks about are not just words on a page. These are what have gotten him to where he is today. He essentially started with nothing. He did not have great connections or financing to get where he is. It was done solely by applying the philosophies of which he communicates. He takes the time to interact with his customers, he is more about people than profit. He has truly used his own teachings to make a difference in his own life and all whose life he touches.

His QI group of enterprises cover a vast territory of interests. These include all different areas such as direct sales, hospitality, finance and more. He has combined the reach of the internet with the power of direct sales to leverage the possibilities of both. His companies have gone through many successes and failures. However, he has learned to face fear and grow from each and every experience.